Palia – How To Solve Ancient Battery Riddle

Palia is an upcoming game by Singularity 6 in which you have to figure out a riddle in Ancient Battery Quest. It is the main storyline quest in the game which you have to complete to progress through the game. It is the puzzle you will get with in the early game and it is quite straightforward to complete if you know how to do it.

In this guide, you will see how to solve the Ancient Battery Riddle in Palia.

How to start the Ancient Battery Riddle Quest in Palia

Ancient Battery Quest

Ancient Battery quest will get started by asking Jina about the Flow battery. In your mailbox, you will receive a message where she is asking to investigate an old door near the waterfall. The Ancient Battery Riddle is part of this quest.

Pass through the ruins door in the temple area behind the Phoenix Falls. In the ruins, you will encounter a locked door. On interacting with that door it will say

“Knowledge grows the mind even in times of strife, To enter here, you must supply that which grows life.”

You can open this door only solving a mysterious riddle and the game wont progress until you solve that riddle. To solve this riddle you need to fill up the large bowl located in the middle of the room with water using your watering can.

How to solve Ancient Battery Riddle

How to solve Ancient Battery Riddle

You will also see a large bowl in the room. On locating the large water bowl, all you need to do is to fill it up using your watering can. As soon as the bowl is filled with water, the Ancient Battery Riddle will get solved. You will see the door opening during the cutscene. You can investigate the room and the items inside it and speak to Jina to complete the Ancient Battery Quest.