Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Make Turkey Leg

A new delicious four-star Entrée meal, Turkey Leg is introduced in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The player who owns A Rift in Time Expansion can Cook Turkey Leg in Eternity Isle. The ingredients used to make Tukey Leg will be found in different Biomes in Eternity Isle. Making Turkey leg will provide benefits in your finances and stamina as well.

How to Make Turkey Leg Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Make Turkey Leg in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To make the Turkey Leg at the cooking station, you must have the following items in your ingredients collection in Eternity Isle.

  1. Poultry
  2. Cumin
  3. Paprika
  4. Agave

Let’s discuss how to get these ingredients in Eternity Isle.

Where to Find Poultry

Poultry is used in many recipes and it can be purchased from Gaston’s stall in the Glittering Dunes, which is one of the new biomes in Eternity Isle. Poultry is a protein-type ingredient that will be available at Gaston’s stall, during the completion of Center of Attention, which will be accessible from Gaston. You can buy the Poultry with 500 Star Coins.

How to Get Cumin

Cumin can be found in the Ancient Landing. Four areas of Ancient Landing have the spawn rate of Cumin. You need to Harvest from its plant. The following areas include the Cumin.

  1. The Docks
  2. The Courtyard
  3. The Overlook
  4. The Ruin
How to Get Cumin Disney Dreamlight Valley

You need to search all these areas to get the Cumin. Use Royal Hourglass to find the Cumin. When you use the Royal hourglass, the particles above it, will lead you towards the Cumin plant. Move close to the Plant and press “E” to harvest.

Where to Get Paprika

Paprika can be found in the Glittering Dunes. Repair the broken bridge and use 2,000 Mist to unlock the Glittering Dune Biome. Two areas of the Glittering dune contain the Paprika.

  1. The Oasis
  2. The Borderlands
Where to Get Paprika Disney Dreamlight Valley

Paprika is a spice-type ingredient used in cooking to add flavor and color to any dish. Once you collect Paprika, it will be added to your Ingredient section. You cannot grow them but you need to find its plant and harvest the Paprika.

How to Get Agave

Agave can be found in the Glittering Dunes areas. Unlock this Biome and find Agave, which is a Sweet-type ingredient. The Following Areas contain the Agave in Glittering Dunes.

  1. The Plains
  2. The Wastes
  3. The Oasis
  4. The Borderlands
How to Get Agave Disney Dreamlight Valley

You cannot grow the Agave but you need to find it in the Glittering Dunes. The plant contains golden nectar that adds sweetness to any dish.

How to Cook Turkey Leg

The collected items will be available in your ingredients section in Eternity Isle. Approach the Cooking station and press “E” to use it. The list of ingredients will pop up and you can select the ingredients to cook a meal. The following steps describe how to make turkey Leg.

  1. Move into the Protein section, grab the Poultry, and toss it into the cooking pot
  2. Add the Cumin to the cooking pot from the Spices section.
  3. Select the Paprika from the spices section and add it also.
  4. For sweetness, add Agave in the cooking pot from the sweets section.


You can sell the Turkey Leg recipe for the 884 Star Coins or you can just eat it and get the energy boost of 1,123.