Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC Walkthrough – Where To Find The Signboards

In The Teal Mask, the new DLC of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet there is a completely new land to explore, catch new Pokemon from the previous Gen games, and meet new friends on the way to School trip. To have enough knowledge of the Land of Kitakami in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC, you along with your friend Kieran need to find out the 4 signboards. These signboards give you information about the history of the Kitakami.

All signboard locations in The Teal Mask

In this guide, you will learn all about to find out all the Signboards on the Land of Kitakami.

All Signboard Locations in The Teal Mask

There are a total of 4 signboards throughout the Land of Kitakami. Each Signboard shares a history of the Land of Kitakami in the form of a dialogue between Kieran and your Trainer. You are not going to find all the signboards straightaway in a single go rather you will find each of them as a part of the main story at certain points.

First Signboard Location – Loyalty Plaza

The first signboard will be found at the Loyalty Plaza in the northwest of Mossui Town by following the uphill road. This signboard tells the history of The Loyal Three and Ogre story the legends of Kitakami. On visiting this signboard, it will become a fast travel spot.

First Signboard Location

Starting from Mossui Town, the beginning of The Teal Mask DLC, follow the uphill road that surrounds Apple Trees. You will encounter a blue sign. Following that sign will get you to the first signboard location.

Second Signboard Location – Kitakami Hall

The second signboard will be found at the Kitakami Hall, the northeast side of Mossui Town. It will give you more information about Orge and Kieran.

Second Signboard Location

Starting from Mossui Town, it heads to the northeast direction. Follow the Reveler’s Road road until you reach a mountain. Make your way through the mountain until you reach the temple on it. You will find the second signboard near this temple. Interact with it to know more about Ogre.

Third Signboard Location – Oni Mountain

Continue the main storyline until you reach Dreaded Den in Oni Mountain. By following the main quest and the marker on the map, you will reach Dreaded Den where you have to battle with Kieran and you will get the third signboard.

Fourth Signboard Location – Paradise Barrens

The fourth signboard is located at the northeast corner of Kitakami, a distant place on map. You will get it in Paradise Barrens. You can reach there through the Apple Hills and then north to Wistful Fields. Upon reaching there you will get the fourth and final signboard and this place will become a point for fast travel.

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