Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Find Robot Fish

Robot Fish is a new Animatronic Character unlocked in A Rift in Time expansion. This new rare Robot fish is only found in specific areas. New sea critters are available in the Eternity Isle which can to used, to complete several quests and cook a recipe. Depends on the situation of the game. Catching a robot fish will be beneficial financially and physically as well. Making Best Fish Forever recipe includes the Robot fish as one of the ingredients. Catching a Robot Fish is simple if the right steps are taken at the right time.

How to find Robot Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the guide on how to get Robot fish in Eternity Isle.

Where to catch Robot Fish

Robot Fish is a rare fish in Eternity Isle which can be found in the gold pools in two specific areas. These areas include the following:

  1. The Docks
  2. The Overlook

Ancient Landing is the only biome in Eternity Isle that includes the area of The Docks and The Overlook in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After achieving A rift in time expansion, Ancient Landing is the first biome that will be unlocked.

How to catch Robot Fish

Getting a Robot Fish in The Docks

The robot Fish can be found in the Southwest direction of the docks near the fishing spot. Two bridges will be available in that direction. Move onto that wooden bridge and equip the fishing rod. Wait till the red ripples are showing up. As red bubbles have started to spawn press the LMB to take out the robot fish. There will be a chance that you will get the Octopus but trying again will get you the Robot fish.

Finding a Robot Fish in The Overlook

Overlook is the 2nd area of Ancient Landing where the Robot Fish can be discovered near the fishing spot. On the Northeast side of The Overlook, you can obtain the Robot Fish while using the fishing rod. Approach this area of The Overlook and start fishing when the red ripples have started to spawn. Sometimes you need to wait for them to appear. Blue and white ripples don’t work.


When you get the Robot Fish, it will be added to your collection center in the Eternity Isle. When you unlock this fish, it will give you a boost financially. Upon catching the Robot Fish, it can be sold for 625 coins and it provides the energy boost of 1350. To complete any activity and task, energy is required to be active.

Robot Fish Rewards

Note: It is recommended to hold on to the Robot Fish and not to use it till the Robot Fish is required to unlock the Eve, by completing the “The flying Metal Nuisance”.