Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Catch Sand Worm

The Rift in Time Expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces a new whole adventure in the game with many more interesting quests, characters, and new biomes. Each of the quests is linked to each other. You need to collect many gems that will be utilized in further quests. Many new sea critters are introduced as you arrive in the DLC expansion A Rift in Time expansion. One of them is Sand Worm, Catching the Sand Worm will help you to complete several quests and mist duties, and cook recipes.

How to Catch Sand Worm

Here’s the guide on how to get Sand Worm

Where to Find Sand Worm

Sand Worm can be found in three different areas, such as:

  1. The Plains
  2. The Wastes
  3. The borderlands

To obtain the sandworm from The Wastes, 4000 Mist is required to unlock this area and explore and make further progress in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To have access to the borderland, you must have 10,000 Mist in hand. The player needs to complete the quest known as The Sands in Hourglass and repair the broken bridge to unlock the plains and explore the adventure of the plains.

Where to Find Sand Worm

Sandworms can be found on the west side of Glittering Dunes in the river and also, they have a spawn rate on the East side of the wastes and the northeast side of the wastes in the river.

Approach the sand water and equip the fishing rod to start fishing the Sand Worm. Start fishing when only red ripples are showing up. As soon as you see the red bubbles start fishing by pressing “LMB” to take out the Sand Worm from the sand water.

Sand worm can be sold at the price of 800 coins and it can provide an energy boost of 1650. Sandworms can also be cooked in the cooking shelter as the main ingredients of the following recipes.

  1. Sand Worm Carpaccio Plate
  2. Sand Stew

Move towards these areas in Eternity Isle and start fishing the Sand Worm.