Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora – Crush Quest Guide

The wonderous world of Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora have the quests in the main storyline as well as have the side quests, which players can find and complete to raise the reputation with the different clans and they can get rewarded. Some of the quests are quite easy to do while in some you have to use your detective skills to complete them. In Crush Quest you have to investigate some clues to confirm the existence of humans in a particular island for Nawuk.

In this guide you will learn all about to complete Crush Quest in Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora and what you will get in reward.

How to start the Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Crush Quest

Nawuk has spotted a human on an island towards the east of Hometree in The Threaded River and she is curious about what they are doing there. It is a side quest and you do an investigation for her to see what humans are doing there.

How to start Crush Quest in Avatar

Crush Quest

Crush Quest will get started by talking to Nawuk outside the Hometree. She saw humans on an island with large fallen logs and purple trees towards the east of Hometree in the Threaded River.

Locate and Investigate the Island

Locate the Island where the Nawuk saw the human. As mentioned earlier it is on the eastern side of the Hometree in The Threaded River. It is straightforward to find that island on the map.

On reaching the island, the next objective is to investigate the island for clues. You can use your Na’vi senses to investigate the clues.

There are a total of six clues that you need to investigate and link to each other to conclude.

  • Aircraft skid marks
Aircraft skid marks
  • Box of Resistance Rations
Box of Resistance Ration
  • Cracked Tablet
Cracked Tablet
  • Broken Branch
Broken Branch
  • Broken Wasp Hive
Broken Wasp Hive
  • Wide Footprints
Wide Footprints

The broken branch is linked with the broken Wisp hive. The human must have kicked the branch which dislodged the wasp hive. The Aircraft skid marks linked with the Box of Resistance Ration which confirms that someone from the Resistance was there but not RDA. The wide footprints are linked with the cracked tablet which confirms someone ran so fast that they dropped the tablet.

Hack the Tablet for Clues

Now you need to hack the tablet for more clues. For this equip SID and point it on the tablet. It will show a white and green circle. Overlap these with each other and it will prompt a mini-hacking game. After hacking it, listen to the stored recordings and figure out to whom you must return it.

Find and Return the Tablet to its Owner at Resistance HQ

Now you need to fast travel to Resistance HQ to find out the owner of the tablet. Go to Alex in the Research Area to ask about the tablet. From the footprints, it can be assumed that it belongs to some female. Now you need to talk to different people for tablet in the Resistance HQ until you reach downstairs to Anqa. On confronting her, she will admit that the tablet belongs to her and the quest will be completed.

Talk to Anqa in Resistance HQ

You will get rewarded the Clan Favor, 10x Spare Parts and 43x Stagger Rounds on completing the Crush Quest.