Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to make Butter Chicken

Making a Butter Chicken in a Disney Dreamlight Valley, As A Rift in Time Expansion introduces such a mouthwatering dish. Consuming Butter Chicken can boost energy and can be sold at a good price. Butter chicken is considered a five-star meal. As the Butter chicken is cooked it will be available in the Collection portion of Eternity Isle, from where you can sell and eat this delicious recipe.

How to make Butter Chicken Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the guide on how to make Butter Chicken.

Ingredients required to make Butter Chicken

The ingredients required to make Butter Chicken can be collected from different areas of Eternity Isle. Some ingredients can be easily received but some ingredients demand patience as we need to plant the seeds of specific ingredients and wait for them to grow.

The Below Table shows the required ingredients, quantity, and source.

Poultry1xGaston’s Stall
Tomato1xDazzle Beach
Butter1xChez Remy
Lemon1xGlade of Trust
Forest of Valor
Cumin1xAncient’s Landing

How to Obtain Ingredients

Poultry can be collected from Gaston’s stall during the Center of Attention quest which is a friendship quest of level 2. Completing this quest will unlock the Poultry in the Gaston’s stall. To obtain the tomato you need to purchase the Tomato seeds from the Goofy’s Stall in the Dazzle Beach. This vegetable-type ingredient can be grown after 25 minutes when its seeds are planted. Butter will be found in Chez Remy from Goofy’s stall in Plaza. To buy the Butter for 190-star coins, you need to unlock Remy’s restaurant and also achieve its friendship quest. Lemons can be collected by harvesting it from the trees. Each time you harvest it, gives you 3x Lemon in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. In ancient’s Landing, you can find the Cumin. The areas with spawn rate of Cumin are the following.

  1. Docks
  2. Courtyard
  3. Overlook
  4. Ruins

How to Make Butter Chicken

Add the Poultry to the Cooking pot of the cooking station. Select it from the Protein section. After adding the Poultry, select and drag the tomato from the Vegetable section of your collection center in Eternity Isle. Throw one piece of butter. Butter will be in the Dairy and Oil section.

How to make butter chicken in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Then lemon needs to be added. Drag the lemon from the fruit collection. In the end, to make the butter chicken recipe tasty, add the Cumin, which will be available in the Spices portion at the collection center. After adding all the ingredients, On the start cooking option, press the LMB.


This Five-star Entrée Meal provides 1,200-star coins if you want to sell it for a benefit. To gain more energy and to be more active during activities you can also consume Butter Chicken, which will give a boost to the energy of 2,142.