Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Make Cheeseburger

A Rift in expansion introduces the new recipes in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Making Cheeseburger during the gameplay will boost the energy and on the other hand, cheeseburger can be sold at a reasonable price. A cheeseburger is considered a four-star meal. Consuming the new recipes will give a boost to the energy that is generally essential to complete any task. The new recipes in the Disney Dreamlight Valley can be cooked by only those who own A Rift in time expansion.

How to Make Cheeseburger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the guide on how to make a Cheeseburger in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Which Ingredients are required

To make a Cheeseburger, four ingredients are required. The ingredients can be discovered in different areas of Eternity Isle. To explore the new areas, a broken bridge should be repaired and the quests need to be completed which relates to unlocking the new biomes in Eternity Isle. The below table shows the ingredients. quantity and their source to make the Cheeseburger.

Wheat1xPeaceful Meadow
Venison1xGaston’s Stall
Vegetable1xGoofy’s Stall
Cheese1xChez Remy

How to Obtain the Ingredients

Wheat which is Grain type ingredient can be discovered in the Peaceful Meadow. In the South direction of Plaza, the Peaceful Meadow will be found. Purchase the Wheat seed from Goofy’s Stall and plant it in any area of Eternity Isle. Wheat grows faster in Peaceful Meadow. It takes 1 minute to grow. As they are grown up, harvest them and it will be added to the collection portion of Eternity Isle. Venison can be collected from the Gaston’s Stall in the Glittering Dunes in Eternity Isle. Whereas, any vegetable can be added to cook the cheeseburger. You can receive the vegetable from Goofy’s stall which will be unlocked by completing the Fishing Expedition quest. Goofy’s Stall can be discovered easily in Eternity Isle. To obtain the Cheese, you need to move into Chez Remy, which is a restaurant in Plaza.

How to Make Cheeseburger

To cook any recipe in the Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to approach the Cooking Station which can be easily found. Access to any of the 16 of them. Move close to it and press “E” to use the station. Find the Venison in your collection list. Grab the Venison and throw it in the cooking pot by using LMB.

How to Make Cheeseburger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now search for the wheat in the grain section and add it to the pot. Go into the vegetable section and add any vegetable. Now enter into the Dairy and Oil section, select the cheese, and add it to the pot as the final ingredient. After adding all the ingredients, To Start cooking, press the LMB on it.


Making the cheeseburger provides benefits financially and physically as well. Cheeseburger can be sold at the price of 1,700-star coins and if you don’t want to sell, it can Boost the energy of 1,113 after consuming it. As the energy is needed for completing any activity or task in Disney Dreamlight Valley.