How to make Baozi in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A new delicious Appetizer, Baozi, is introduced in the Disney Dreamlight Valley as A rift in time expansion is available. Baozi is considered a four-star meal. Consuming Baozi can boost energy and can be sold at a good price. Although making Baozi is not as easy as it looks. Each recipe that is cooked will be available at the collection center. As Baozi is the Four-star meal it will be available in the Appetizer section in the collection portion of Eternity Isle.

How to make Baozi in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the guide in which we will discuss how to make Baozi.

Ingredients Required to Make Baozi

To make a Baozi, four ingredients are required. The ingredients can be discovered in different areas of Eternity Isle. To explore the new areas, a broken bridge should be repaired by using a Royal hourglass tool. and the quests need to be completed which relates to unlocking the new biomes in Eternity Isle.

The below table shows the Ingredients, Quantity, and Origin.

Pork1xGaston’s Stall
Wheat1xPeaceful Meadow
Soya1xSunlit Plateau
Spice1xGoofy’s Stall

How to get Ingredients

Pork will be collected from the Gaston’s Stall in the Glittering Dunes. Wheat Seeds can be Discovered in the Peaceful Meadow from Goofy’s stall, which is in the south direction of Plaza. Plant the Wheat seed in any area of Eternity Isle. It is recommended to plant the wheat seeds in Peaceful meadows as their growth is faster there. It took 1 minute to grow. Soya seed can be found in the Sunlit Plateau which is linked by the Forgotten Lands and Plaza. Collect the seeds from Goofy’s stall and plant them in any area. It will take 1 hour and 30 min to grow. After they are grown up. Harvest them. Any spice can be added to make Baozi. Collect the spice seeds from Goofy’s stall and plant them. And wait for them to grow properly.

How to make Baozi

Move towards any Cooking station to make a Baozi recipe. Press “E” to use it. To grab the pork, move into the Protein portion of your collection center and add it to the cooking pot.

How to make Baozi

Select the Wheat from the Grain section and throw it to the pot. Soya is a Dairy and Oil ingredient, search the list and toss it into the pot. To add the final ingredient, select any spice from the spices section.


Baozi can be sold at the price of 503-star coins and it provides the boost energy of 842. It will be a tough choice to make, about what to do with this Four-star meal. As it will be financially and as well Physically good for the player.