Disney Dreamlight Valley- The Flying Metal Nuisance Quest

Flying Metal Nuisance is the Second quest set by the Jaffar in Storyline. Once The Secrets of Eternity Isle quest is completed, The Flying Metal Nuisance quest will automatically start in the Ancients Landing. The player needs to help Jafar for the stopping the Time rift from spreading in Eternity Isle. The royal hourglass tool will be obtained, once you complete the Flying Metal Nuisance Quest. The Royal Hourglass will be further used to repair the broken bridge that connects the Wild Tangle Biome and Glittering Dines Biome, During the Sands in the Hourglass quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Flying Metal Nuisance Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete the Flying Metal Nuisance Quest

The player has to find the “Flying Metal Nuisance” to obtain the Royal Hourglass. Move into The Docks in Ancients Landing and search for Flying Metal Nuisance in The Docks near the wooden bridge, beside the Waterfall. To enter the area of the waterfall, equip the Pickaxe, and start smashing the rocks that are stopping the way from the bridge to The Flying Metal Nuisance.

Eve can be found in the area of The Docks protecting the Royal hourglass. Talk to Eve, who is Flying Metal Nuisance. After chatting with Eve, the Player has to talk to Jafar at the hologram station in ancient’s landing. The hologram station will be available near two bridges, On the left of the fishing spot in The Docks.

Once your talk with the Jaffar ends, you need to move into Eve’s house, which will be near Eve or the same place where the Flying Metal Nuisance is available. Enter inside Eve’s house, which looks like a spaceship. Once you make an entrance into Eve’s house, clear the Piles of Junk inside the house. Pick the Piece of paper on the ground. Return to Jaffar and talk to him at the hologram station.

Finding the Hidden Treasure

Find the hidden area shown in the Memory. The hidden area will be the upper direction of the wooden bridge connecting the docks and Eve’s home area. This area is behind the waterfall. Move inside this hidden area. To make an entrance inside the area, equip the pickaxe and smash the copper rock blocking the way. The player has to find two parts of the robot costume in that area. Open the Chest, placed on the left of the hidden room when you enter inside.

Finding the Hidden Treasure Disney Dreamlight Valley

The items that you will collect from the storage are the following.

  1. 2x Eve’s Treasure Bag
  2. Sweet Popcorn
  3. Cotton Candy

Open Both Eve’s Treasure bag and you will achieve the Robot Hat and Robot Costume. Now dress up the items you get from the storage. Move into the wardrobe, enter Jafar’s quest, and select the Robot hat and Robot Costume. Move back to Eve and talk to her while the Robot costume is On.

Give Me A Sign Mini-Quest

You need to unlock the Goofy’s stall and then complete the Give Me a Sign quest. Move into the Northeast side of the docks to collect the broken piece of the stall, placed on a wooden box. Give the broken piece to Goofy near the river in the docks. Follow the Goofy to his stall and he will give you a mini-quest to complete. You need to find the following items.

  • Copperx25
  • Plastic Scrapx12

Copper is obtained by mining the rocks in the ancient landing. These rocks will majorly spawn in the docks. Equip the Pickaxe and start mining the copper rocks.

Give Me A Sign Mini-Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Plastic Scrap can be found while fishing in the areas without ripples or bubbles. Equip the fishing rod and start fishing randomly in the water.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Give Me A Sign Mini-Quest

Once all the items are collected in your inventory section, move back to Goffy and give him all the items. Unlock Goofy’s Stall in Ancient Landing by interacting with the sign in front of Goofy’s broken stall. Goofy’s stall will be prepared. Talk to Goofy and he will reward you with some new ingredients.

Best Fish Forever recipe

Investigate the Best fish forever recipe in your Inventory. Check which ingredients are required to make the best Fish Forever recipe. We need to prepare the best fish forever recipe at a cooking station. The items that are required to make the Best Fish Forever recipe are the following.

  1. Robot Fish
  2. Cumin
  3. Sea snail
  4. Celery

Cumin can be found in the docks, near the bridge. It’s a plant with white flowers on it. You need to harvest the Cumin from it. Robot Fish can be found in the docks in the southwest direction, on the fishing spot. It will be found in the red ripples in water.

Best Fish Forever recipe Disney Dreamlight Valley

Celery seeds can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall. Plant the seed in the ground and wait for 10 minutes to grow the Celery. Each seed gives 1x celery each time when harvested. Sea snails can also be found in the Southwest direction of the docks in white ripples. Equip the fishing rod and start fishing.

Cooking the Best Fish Forever Recipe

Interact with the cooking station in the docks and start adding the ingredients to the cooking pot. Add the Robot fish then toss the Cumin in a cooking pot, Grab the Celery drop it in the cooking pot add the sea snail in the pot, and click on Start cooking.

Cooking the Best Fish Forever Recipe Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bring the Best Fish Forever recipe to the Eve and the player has to pick up the Royal Hourglass behind the Flying Metal Nuisance. After getting the Royal Hourglass move towards the broken bridge in Ancients Landing and talk to Jafar at the hologram and The Flying Metal Nuisance quest will be completed.