Disney Dreamlight Valley- Where to Find Bumblestone

A Rift in Time expansion introduces the new gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Bumblestone is one of the most demanding Gems in Eternity Isle. The player who owns A Rift in Time Expansion can get the Bumblestone in a specific Biome. The gems in the Eternity Isle will be obtained by mining the nodes available in the Biomes. Once you collect the Bumblestone it will be added to your Inventory collection in Eternity Isle. A rift in Time Expansion introduces new three Biomes in the Eternity Isle and each Biome has separate four areas that will be unlocked during the progression in the game.

Where to Find Bumblestone Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on how to get Bumblestone.

Where to Find the Bumblestone

Bumblestone spawns in the area of Glittering Dunes Biome known as The Borderlands. The northwest side of Eternity Isle is the area of Glittering Dunes. It’s the biome that will be available when the player owns the DLC expansion. The four areas of Glittering Dunes are the following.

  1. The Plains
  2. The Wastes
  3. The Oasis
  4. The Borderlands

To obtain the Bumblestone, the player needs to unlock the area of The Borderlands by completing the Quest of Jafar which is Your Eternal Reward. Once the player completes this quest by collecting all the Jewels of time, the Borderlands can be unlocked by using 10,000 Mist. Mist can be collected by clearing the swirling sands and completing the Mist duties and the player can also get the Mist in Realms.

How to Get Bumblestone

Once the borderlands area is unlocked, the player can get the Bumblestone by Mining the Nodes available in the borderlands. The Nodes can be anywhere in the borderlands. Mining is done with the help of Pickaxe. The pickaxe is a Royal Tool. The player can get the Pickaxe from The Plaza. Upon finding the node, equip the Pickaxe and start mining the rock. You will get the Bumblestone but if you find other gems from mined nodes, you need to find other mining nodes to get the Bumblestone.

The player can get the Shiny Bumblestone when mining again the same rock with pickaxe. However, the shiny Bumblestone is more valuable than the Bumblestone as the player can sell it for 1,600 Star Coins at Goofy’s stall.


Once the player collects the Bumblestone, it will be available in the Collection Center knows Inventory section in Eternity Isle. The player can sell the Bumblestone at the price of 400 Star Coins at Goofy’s stall.