Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Make Cannoli

A Rift in Time Expansion introduces new recipes in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Cannoli is considered to be a Four-star Dessert Meal. The players who own the DLC Expansion of Disney Dreamlight Valley can make the Cannoli at a cooking station. Cannoli is a type of meal that will be served as Dessert in the game. The ingredients required to make this recipe are difficult to obtain. Once the Cannoli recipe is made, it will be available in your meal collection in Eternity Isle, which can be further utilized in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Make Cannoli Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s a Guide on How to make Cannoli.

The Four-star Dessert Meal Cannoli requires some specific ingredients that the player can obtain from the Biomes of Eternity Isle. The following are the ingredients required to make Cannoli.

  1. Wheat
  2. Cheese
  3. Egg
  4. Vanilla

The player needs to follow the instructions to get these ingredients.

How to Get Wheat

Wheat seed can be purchased from the Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadow. The peaceful meadow is near the Plaza in the south direction. A grain-type ingredient that can grow only in 1 minute after the seed is planted in the ground. Wheat seed can be purchased at 3 Star Coins from Goofy’s Stall and once it is harvested from the ground, it will be added to your Meal collection in Eternity Isle.

How to Get Cheese

Cheese can be obtained from Chez Remy, which is a restaurant run by Remy. The Chez Remy will be available in the Plaza. The restaurant needs to be unlocked by completing The Restaurant Makeover Quest. You can also make recipes in the Chez Remy as they have a cooking station and you can also purchase many ingredients from Chez Remy.

Cheese is a Dairy and oil-type product that be purchased at the price of 180 Star Coins. Once the Cheese is collected from Chez Remy, it will be added to your Meal collection in Eternity Isle.

How to Get Egg

Eggs in Eternity Isle can be Purchased from Chez Remy. The players can purchase the Egg at the price of 220 Star Coins. The Egg is the Dairy and oil-type Ingredient that will be added to your Meal collection in Eternity Isle. Complete The Restaurant Makeover Quest to unlock Chez Remy.

How to Get Vanilla

Vanilla is Spawned on the ground of the Sunlit Plateau, which is on the west side of the Dreamlight Valley. Vanilla is a sweet type ingredient used to add sweetness to the dish. You have to harvest the Vanilla for the ground in the Sunlit Plateau.

When the player collects all the ingredients, move towards any cooking station in the Eternity Isle and start making the recipe.

How to Make Cannoli

Interact with the cooking station by pressing “E” and the ingredients list will pop up on the screen.

  1. Go to the Grain type ingredient section, grab the Wheat, and toss it in the Cooking Pot.
  2. Enter the Dairy and Oil section and select the cheese to add to the Pot.
  3. Add the Eggs in the Cooking Pot from the Dairy and Oil Section.
  4. Move into the Sweets section and add the splash of Vanilla to the recipe.

Once all the ingredients are added to the cooking pot, A four-star Dessert meal will be prepared.

How to Make Cannoli in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Once the Dessert meal is cooked, it will be available in your Meal collection at Eternity Isle. You can sell the Cannoli dish at the price of 678 at Goofy’s Stall and you can also get an energy boost of 1,482 by eating this delicious dish.