How To Get and Use Starstones in Palia

There are a lot of valuable resources to collect and use to make your world the way you want in Palia. Some of the recourses can be collected and used for different purposes like crafting, cooking, decoration, and furniture, or can be sold for gold. But some of the recourses and items are very rare to have and can be sold for a handsome amount of gold or you can gift them to villagers to improve your friendship levels. Starstones are such an item you can find and collect in Palia.

How to get Starstones in Palia

In this guide, you will learn about how to get and use Starstones in Palia.

Where To Find Starstones

Starstones are the gemstones dropped from the mining nodes. Earlier in the game mining was not that much profitable but after the Patch 0.172, it gives 10 new different Starstones which are more expensive. Below is the list of the Starstones, their value in Gold, and the nodes to get them.

StarstonesValueMining Nodes
Garnet400 GoldIron nodes
Quartz250 GoldClay or Copper nodes
Citrine600 GoldClay or Stone nodes
Aquamarine800 GoldIron nodes
Onyx500 GoldCopper nodes
Emerald1000 GoldCopper nodes
Amethyst3000 GoldPalium nodes
Jasper800 GoldStone nodes
Sapphire2000 GoldIron nodes
Ruby8000 GoldPalium nodes

Earlier in the game, the mining nodes were not that valuable but now these are dropping the above Starstones randomly which makes the mining more valuable. You can find them in different mining nodes in Kilima Village and Bahari Bay. These will get dropped off during mining and can be added to your inventory.

How To Use Starstones

How to use Starstones in Palia

If you want to make a good amount of money by mining Starstones is a good option you can search for them in different mining nodes and sell them for gold. The rare the Starstone, the more expensive it will be. But you can do a lot more with them. You can gift the ones to the Villagers that match their Star Path to increase your friendship level with them with the exchange of unique dialogues.

That is all about the Starstones in Palia.