Disney Dreamlight Valley- Where to Catch Dunebopper

A Rift in Time Expansion introduces the three different Biomes in the Eternity Isle from where the players can explore new adventures of Disney Dreamlight Valley. New fish critters are also available in the Disney Dreamlight paid expansion which needs to be fished to complete the Mist duties or several friendship quests and story quests depending on the situation of the game. Dunebopper is the new fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley that provides massive energy to the player when consumed and can be beneficial in the finances.

Where to Catch Dunebopper Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on Where to Find and catch Dunebopper.

Where to Find Dunebopper

Dunebopper is considered to be a rare fish in the Eternity Isle that can be spawned in the river of The Oasis, which is the area of Glittering Dunes Biome. It is the area of Eternity Isle that will be available when the player owns A Rift in Time Expansion. Mainly the Glittering Dunes have four areas.

  1. The Plains
  2. The Wastes
  3. The Oasis
  4. The Borderlands

Glittering Dunes Biome will be unlocked while completing the story quest set by Jafar which is The Sands in the Hourglass. The broken bridge needs to be repaired by using the Upgraded Royal hourglass tool. The player also needs to use 2,000 Mist to repair it.

Where to Find Dunebopper

To unlock The Oasis, players need to use the 6,000 Mist. Mist can be collected by removing the Swirling sands, completing the Mist duties and the player can explore the Realms area and there they can find the Mist from there as well.

How to Get Dunebopper

When the Player gets access to The Oasis, move to the river, which will be in the upper direction of The Oasis, the player can also view it from the Map. Dunebopper will only be fished when the blue ripples have appeared in the river. White or orange ripples may also be spawned in the water, but to get Dunebopper the player needs to wait for blue ripples to come.

When blue ripples have appeared in the water. Equip the fishing rod and start fishing. Press LMB for fishing and you will catch the Dunebopper. Once you find the Dunebopper, it will be added to your fish collection in Eternity Isle and can used as an ingredient in making recipes when required.


Dunebopper can provide perks to your financial status and your stamina as well depending on the situation of the game. The energy is required to complete any task or activity in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • Once you obtain the Dunebopper, you can consume it and restore the energy boost of 1,100.
  • Dunebopper can be sold for 500 Star Coins at the Goofy’s Stall.