Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to get Almonds

Almond is a fruit-type ingredient that can be found in the Eternity Isle. Only those players who owned A Rift in Time Expansion can get the Almonds in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Obtaining the Almonds will be beneficial to your financial status and boost your energy as well. Wild Tangle is the only Biome in the Eternity Isle where you can find the Almonds on the Trees. You can also make the Roasted Almonds at a cooking station, where Almonds will be used as one of the ingredients.

How to get Almonds Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s a Guide on How to get Almonds.

Where to Find Almonds

Almonds can be found in the Wild Tangle Biome of Eternity Isle and on the East side of Eternity Isle, the Wild Tangle Biome can be explored. To find the almonds in Wild Tangle, first, you need to unlock this area by completing The Sands in the Hourglass, Story Quest. This quest is from the Jafar. To unlock this Biome of Eternity Isle, you will repair the broken bridge by using Royal Hourglass.

Two of the areas, where Almonds will be spawned on the Tree.

  1. The Grasslands
  2. The Lagoon
Where to Find Almonds Disney Dreamlight Valley

Move to The Grasslands & and The Lagoon to find the almonds. The Almonds will be on the Tree from where you can Harvest them. Each time harvesting will provide you with 2x almonds. You need to find both areas of Wild Tangle to collect more almonds as you can also cook the Roasted almonds with it or you can just eat the almonds to get a boost in energy.

As you collect the almonds from its trees, they will be added to your Ingredients Collection in Eternity Isle. To harvest more almonds from the same tree you need to wait until they grow again. Almonds take a maximum of 50 minutes to grow again, so you can harvest them again.


Eating almonds will provide you with a boost of energy up to 500, which is required to complete any task or activity in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can also sell the almonds at Goofy’s Stall for 42 Star Coins.