Palia – How to Cook

Palia is a sim game in which you can do many different activities like bug catching, fishing, gardening, cooking, etc. which rewards you. Cooking is an essential activity in the game to master which gives high Focus and increases the value of ingredients.

How to Cook in Palia

In this guide, you will learn about all the ins and outs of how to cook in Palia

How to Unlock Cooking in Palia

You can unlock cooking after completing the “Welcome to Palia” quest when you speak with Reth. You need to ask him “Can you teach me to cook?”. He will teach you how to cook and the Campfire crafting recipe will get unlocked. This way you can cook some basic recipes like Grilled Mushrooms.

How to craft Campfire in Palia

To craft Campfire you need the following items.

  • 5x Sapwood
  • 16x Stone
  • 2x Flint
  • 10x Plant Fiber

After crafting Campfire, Ruth will ask you to cook Grilled Mushrooms which you can cook on campfire. On getting them ready you need to report to Reth and he will give you more cooking recipes.

You need to keep upgrading your cooking skills to cook even more advanced recipes.

How to unlock more Cooking Crafters

You will get more cooking crafters at reaching certain levels of Cooking Skills. At each level upgrade, you can get certain cooking crafters and cook more advanced recipes. Whenever you get or unlock a Cooking crafter, many cooking recipes will get unlocked to cook.

Cooking LevelCooking CrafterHow to get
Cooking Level 1CampfireAfter Completing “Welcome to Palia Quest” and speaking with Reth you will get Campfire.
Cooking Level 2Standard Stove and Prep StationOn reaching at Cooking Level 2 you can purchase Standard Stove and Prep Station by visiting Reth.
Cooking Level 3Mixing StationYou can get Mixing Station on reaching Cooking Level 3.
Cooking Level 4Standard OvenYou can get Standard Oven on reaching Cooking Level 4.

To craft Standard Stove you need the following items.

  • 12x Stone Brick
  • 5x Ceramic
  • 2x Copper Bar

To craft Prep Station you need the following items.

  • 16x Sapwood Plank
  • 2x Copper Bar
  • 8x Ceramic

To craft Mixing Station you need the following items

  • 20x Sapwood Plank
  • 20x Copper Bar
  • 3x Fabric

To craft Standard Oven you need the following items.

  • 15x Stone Brick
  • 20x Ceramic
  • 6x Copper Bar

By interacting with each Cooking Crafter you can select the recipes which you want to cook and the ingredients required. Certain cooking mini-games are associated with the cooking operations that you have to complete to cook.

How to Cook in Palia

It is very easy and straightforward to do cooking in Palia, you need the following items to cook.

  • Cooking Crafter
  • Cooking Recipe
  • Cooking Ingredients

You need a specific cooking crafter and ingredients in your inventory or your general store stockpile to cook a recipe. There are certain cooking operations that you need to do at a specific time on a particular cooking crafter and there are mini-games that you need to complete to do these cooking operations. Let’s talk about them.

Chopping Mini-Game

Chopping Mini-game Palia

It is a very easy mini-game when you are chopping ingredients like onions or mushrooms for cooking. You need to click the mouse buttons when the blue lines match with the white area.

Stirring Mini-Game

Stirring Mini-game Palia

During Stirring, you will see two circles one inside the bowl and the other one outside the bowl. You need to hold the mouse button until these circles coincide.