Palia – Where To Find and Catch Rosy Bitterling

Palia is a sim game where you can do different activities to collect recourses and use them for various purposes like crafting, cooking, etc. These activities give you certain rewards. Fishing is a similar kind of activity to do. You can use that fish to cook or sell them for gold. There are certain species of fish in Palia, Rosy Bitterling is one of them. Each water body contains specific species and requires specific bait to catch them.

This guide will show you where to find and catch Rosy Bitterling.

Where To Find Rosy Bitterling

Where to find Rosy Bitterling in Palia

Rosy Bitterling is a specific type of fish in the Palia in the Bahari Bay region. You will find many ponds and rivers in the Bahari Bay but Rosy Bitterling is more abundant in rivers than ponds. You can find them in the river in Flooded Fortress, the river flowing from Thorny Thicket, the river near the bridge at Proudhorn Pass, and rarely in the pond near Central Stables.

How to catch Rosy Bitterling

How to catch Rosy Bitterling in Palia

Most of the fish are found in Palia at specific times e.g. day or night. Unlike them, Rosy Bitterling does not occur at some specific time or have any schedule that makes it even easier to catch at any time at the right place. You also don’t need anything on your bait to catch it. It can be hooked to the empty bait as well.

It is a very common fish in Palia but found in specific regions. You can catch it quite easily, all you need to do is to use the bait at the rivers in Bahari Bay region and wait until it bites it. In a few tries you will be able to get it. As told earlier, these can also bite empty hooks so you can have your worms for other fish. After getting it you can sell it for 21-31 Gold depending upon the quality of the fish you caught.