Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Get Tropical Wood

Tropical Wood is the new Foraging material in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Tropical wood can be collected from the Wild Tangle Biome on the ground near the trees. The player who owns A Rift in Time Expansion can obtain the tropical wood that will be further used to complete the quests that require Tropical wood and in crafting new materials. Tropical wood can be sold for 40 Star Coins at Goofy’s stall. Tropical wood will be spawned mainly in The Grasslands. Once the player collects the Tropical wood, it will be added to the Foraging collection in Eternity Isle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tropical Wood

Here’s the Guide on How to Obtain Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find Tropical Wood

Tropical Wood can be collected from The Grasslands, which is the area of the Wild Tange biome. Tropical Wood can be found in The Grasslands near the trees. The Grasslands is one of the areas of the Wild Tangle Biome. To Find the Tropical wood, the players have to unlock the Wild Tangle Biome by repairing the broken bridge with the help of the Royal Hourglass tool.

Once the player completes The Sands in the Hourglass quest, the Wild Tangle Biome will be unlocked by using the Mist. The Bridge connects the Ancient Landing Biome with the Wild Tangle Biome and Glittering Dunes Biome.

Mist can be found in the following ways.

  • Clear the Splinters of fate
  • Remove the Swirling Sands
  • Complete the Mist Duties, especially collecting the fruits

Tropical Wood in The Grasslands

When the player enters The Grasslands, the tropical wood can be collected near the trees. Tropical Wood is a foraging material and these materials can only be found on the ground. Tropical wood is spawned more near the root trees. Look at the base near the giant trees.

Collecting the Tropical Wood using Ancient Vacuum

The ancient Vacuum can only collect the Tropical wood from the subsection in which it is located not the entire biome. To collect all the Tropical wood, the player must have four, level three ancient Vacuum with one located in each area of Wild Tangle Biome.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tropical Wood

Each 5 Tropical wood will be spawning in each area of Wild Tangle, the player can also use one ancient vacuum and move it from area to area claiming the tropical wood along the way. Once the player repeats the process every 30 minutes then 40 tropical woods will be collected in one hour. If the player logs out of the game, the tropical woods will be still spawning. If the players are limited on Play Time, simply log in every 30 minutes claim the Tropical wood, and the logout and repeat.

Farm Method

The farm method involves making four small tropical wood farms. The player has to remove all the trees and bushes from the Wild Tangle. Removing the trees and bushes will not only allow you to make tropical wood farms but also make activities like time bending and Mining faster within Wild Tangle. The four areas of the Wild Tangle spawn Tropical wood, the player must make four tropical wood farms in each area of the Wild Tangle. To make this method efficient, the player has to position the Wood Farms and the biomes to the wishing wells in specific locations.

The first two Wood Farm will be on the side of the bridge between the grasslands and the promenade.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tropical Wood

First wishing well be available in the grasslands. The third and fourth Wood farms will be located between the grove and the lagoon. Place the wishing well near them. The player can use any tree that spawns wood. Do not use the trees from the Wild Tangle. Place at least three trees on each wood farm to obtain more Tropical wood.