Palworld- How to Get Milk

The world in the Palworld is enriched with the various Materials that the players have to find to craft weapons and workbench. Crafting new items or structures requires some materials that can be found while roaming in the biomes of the Palworld. Milk is the new consumable ingredient that is used in making cake which is further used in breeding Pals. The Players have to get Milk to consume it directly or use it in different meals.

Milk Palworld

Here’s the guide on How to Get Milk in Palworld.

How to Get Milk

The Players can obtain the milk by catching or killing the Mozzarina. Mozzarina is the neutral element Pal that can drop the Milk upon being killed or caught. The players can find the Mozzarina on the west side from the starting location of the game. Simply equip any weapon and kill the Mozzarina to get the Milk. The players can also see the habitat area of the Mozzarina from the Paldeck in the main menu. Select any Pal and the habitat area of that specific Pal will appear.

The Players can have to infinite supply of Milk by capturing the Mozzarina and deploying it in the Ranch. Once the Players assign the Mozzarina to the ranch, it will start grazing from time to time and will drop the milk. Ranch is the technology level 5 item and upon unlocking using the 2 points of the technology the players will discover the recipe for Ranch. The players have to collect the required materials to build the ranch in the World of Palworld.

  • 50x Wood
  • 20x Stone
  • 30x Fiber
Palworld Milk

Wood can be obtained by cutting the trees and punching the trees will drop the wood as well. Stone can be obtained by mining the nodes with the help of stone pickaxe which is the starting tool in Palworld. Build the Ranch, place the Mozzarina in it, and obtain the Milk. The only work for the players will be to collect the Milk from the ranch after deploying the Mozzarina in the ranch by using the Palbox.

The Players can also purchase Milk from the wandering Merchants for 50x Gold Coins. However, Milk is not that costly and it can be purchased easily by using gold coins. The players don’t have to kill or catch the Mozzaina if they have enough gold coins to spend. Obtain the Milk to make the cake, Pancake, and Hot milk in the Palworld.