Palworld- How to Breed Pals

Breeding is the mechanic in which the players will get Pals with passive skills. The passive skills Pals will be helpful throughout the gameplay in fighting with the world boss, completing the dungeons, defending the base from raids, or defeating the big Pals. It is recommended to breed those pals who are captured in the boss fight or dungeons because of their high-level skills. Breeding two highly skilled Pals will provide you Pal with passive skills.

Breed Pals Palworld

Here’s the Guide on how to Breed Pals in Palworld.

How to Breed Pals

To breed the Pals in the Palworld, the most essential item to obtain is the Breeding farm. Breeding farm is the Technology Level 19 item. The players have to reach level 19 to unlock the breeding farm. The players can level up by Catching more Pals, collecting ores, mining rocks, and completing the base missions. Once the players reach level 19, open the technology tab and unlock the breeding farm from level 19 by using the 2 points of the technology. Once the breeding farm is unlocked, the players will learn the recipe for building the breeding farm. The following are the required materials that the players have to collect to build the breeding farm.

  1. 20x Stone
  2. 50x Fiber
  3. 100x Wood

Stone can be obtained by mining the nodes with the help of a stone pickaxe which is a starting tool in Palworld. Wood can be obtained by cutting the trees and punching the trees will also drop the wood.

How to Unlock the Breeding Farm

Once the players collect all the required materials, open the build menu, place the breeding farm, and start building it. once the players have the breeding farm, the next step for breeding is to place any two highly skilled Pals in the breeding farm. One must be the male and the other will be the female Pal. The moment the player places the Pals in the breeding farm, the breeding process will start. The players cannot obtain the egg after the breeding process. To get the egg, players have to place the cake in the breeding farm’s chest.

How to Cook the Cake

The players have to place the cake to resume the breeding process. The cake is an ingredient-type item that can only be cooked at the cooking pot in Paloworld. To cook the cake, the players have to build the cooking pot first. The cooking pot is the Technology level 17 item that will only unlock after the player reaches level 17 by using the 2 points of the technology. Open the build menu and place the cooking pot in any area in the Palworld to learn the recipe for building the cooking pot. The required materials are the following.

  • 15x Ingot
  • 20x Wood
  • 3X Flame Organ
How to Breed Pals Palworld

Collect all the required materials and build the cooking pot to cook the cake. The players have to find the ingredients to cook the cake as well.

5x FlourFrom the Mill
8x Red berriesAny biome
7x milkMozzarina
2x HoneyBeegarde
8x EggChikipi

The players have to collect all the ingredients to cook the cake in the cooking pot. Once the cake is prepared, it will be added to the inventory. Move to the breeding farm, use the farm’s chest, and place the cake inside the chest. Once the cake is placed, the Pals will eat the cake and the egg will appear. The players can check which passive skills will be granted to the Pals at the Egg Incubator.

Palworld Breed Pals

The players will get the highly passive skills Pal if the Pals that were breading had the High-level skills.