Palworld- How to Build a Berry Plantation

Berry Plantation is the structure that is utilized to grow Red Berries. To have an infinite supply of red berries in Palworld, building the Berry Plantation is necessary for the players. After the work or fight, players and Pals get hungry, and red berries are the best option for the hunger. Berry Plantation is the food type item in the Palworld that will multiply the Berries supply once built.

Berry Plantation Palworld

Here’s the guide on How to Build a Berry Plantation in Palworld.

How to Build a Berry Plantation

Berry Plantation is the Technology Level 5 item that the players will get to unlock once they reach Level 5. The players can level up by catching more Pals, collecting the Ores or mine rocks, and completing the several dungeons in Palworld. Once the players reach Level 5, Move into the technology section and unlock the Berry Plantation by using two points of the technology and the players will get to know the required materials to build Berry Plantation.

Once the players know the recipe for building the Berry Plantation, Press “B” to open the build menu, move into the food section, select the Berry Plantation, and drop it into any area in the Palworld. The following are the required materials to build Berry Plantation.

  • 20x Wood
  • 20x Stone
  • 3x Berry Seeds
build Berry Plantation Palworld

Wood can be obtained by cutting the trees with the help of a pickaxe and punching the trees will surely drop the wood. Stone can be obtained by mining the rocks. Simply equip the stone pickaxe and start breaking the nodes in the area of Palworld.

How to get Berry Seeds

Berry Seeds can be obtained by harvesting the Red Berry Bushes. Harvesting the Red Berry Bueshes will provide you with Red Berries and Berry seeds as well. Harvest as much as you can. Berry seeds can also be obtained from Lifmunk. LIfmunk is the Pal which drops the Berry Seeds. The players can kill the Lifmunk and place them in the base and they will drop the Berry Seeds.

How to Grow Red Berries

Once the players collect all the required materials. Build the Berry Plantation from the Build menu. Interact with the Berry Plantation and plant the Berry seeds and it will take some time to grow. Watering them will make the process quick. After watering them, the players can harvest the red berries once they are grown and ready to be harvested.

 The players can also assign the work to base Pals, as they will work according to the given orders willingly or unwillingly. The Pals can perform the following tasks.

  • Planting
  • Watering
  • Collecting

For planting the seeds, LIfmunk can be utilized. For watering, Fuack will be the better choice, and for collecting the Red Berries, Bristla can be used for gathering the Red Berries after harvesting them. Place the wooden chest or Feed box in the base so the pals can collect the red berries and store them in the wooden chest or Feed Box.