Palworld- How to Unlock Sphere Workbench

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer game like Pokemon in which the players will craft new structures, produce items by farming, and get pals which are the creatures in Palworld and they will be helpful in many tasks in the game. The players have to Unlock the Sphere workbench to craft different types of spheres which are used to catch the Pals. Three kinds of spheres will be crafted using the Sphere Workbench. The crafted spheres will be of a unique type and can be used to capture big Pal that can not be tackled using the regular Pal sphere.

Sphere Workbench Palworld

Here’s the guide on How to Get a Sphere Workbench in Palworld.

How to Unlock Sphere Workbench

Sphere workbench is the technology level 14 item that can be unlocked by using three points of the technology. Once the players reach this level, the Sphere workbench can be unlocked. The players can level up by catching more Pals at least 30 pals, Collecting Ores, mining nodes, and completing the base missions. Technology points can be obtained by Catching or killing Boss Pals in the world and the dungeons.

The players can unlock the Sphere workbench by opening the main menu, moving into the Technology section, and selecting the Sphere workbench from Technology level 14. Upon unlocking the Sphere workbench, players will discover the recipe for the Sphere workbench. Open the build menu, move into the Pal section, and select the Sphere workbench to place it on the ground in any region of the Palworld.

Recipe for Sphere Workbench

The Players have to collect the following required materials to build the Sphere workbench.

Paldium Fragment is also obtained by mining the regular stone. The players have to Get the Stone Pickaxe which is one of the starting tools in the Palworld. Stone Pickaxe will be crafted at Primitive Workbench. The spawn rate of Paldium Fragment is low in Regular stones.  Wood can be obtained by cutting the trees or punching the trees will also drop the wood. The players can craft the Nails by using the high-quality workbench and Primitive workbench. 1x Ingot is required to get the 2x Nail. 2x Ores will be required to get 1x Ingot.

Palworld Sphere Workbench

Once the players collect the required materials, Build the Sphere workbench by holding the “F” button. The players will craft the three Pal different spheres by using the Sphere Workbench.

SpheresLevelTechnology Points
Pal SphereAccessible after reaching Level 21
Mega SphereAccessible after reaching Level 142
Giga SphereAccessible after reaching Level 203

The players have to reach the levels and unlock the Sphere by using the technology points. Sphere workbench will start the production of the Sphere used for catching the Pals. The Players have wisely used the kind of sphere to catch that specific Pal. The Pal which can perform the tasks by using the hands can also be assigned for the production of Sphere.