Palworld – How to Get Food Slots

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer game like Pokemon in which the players will craft new structures, produce items by farming, and get pals which are the creatures in Palworld and they will be helpful in many tasks in the game. The players have to unlock the Food Slots to store the food that can be automatically consumed by Pals and the character as well. Making more Food slots to place the Food in it and have the stored food for a long time. The players will not have to feed the Pal himself. Pals will directly eat the food from the food slots whenever they are hungry.

Food Slots Palworld

Here’s the guide on How to Unlock Food Slots in Palworld.

How to Unlock Food Slots

The players can unlock the Food slots available in the inventory. To unlock every food slot, players have to obtain the Feed bags. There are different kinds of Feed bags in the Palworld and each Feed bag will be obtained after reaching that technology level and using the technology points. Upon unlocking the specific feed bag, players will discover the recipe for that specific feed bag.

One of the initial food bags that the players will be able to unlock is the small feed bag. At the beginning of the game, the players can unlock the small feed bag after reaching Level 10 as the small feed bag is the technology level 10 item. A Small Feed Bag can be unlocked by using the 1 point of the technology. Players have to level up by catching more Pals, collecting ores, mining nodes, and completing the base missions. To obtain the technology points, players have to catch or kill the Boss Pals in the World and the dungeons. Upon unlocking the small feed bag, players will discover the recipe for the small feed bag. For crafting the small feed, players have to collect the following required materials. 

Palworld Food Slots

Wood can be obtained by cutting the trees or punching trees will also drop the wood as well. Gather all the required materials in the inventory and craft the small food bag by using the Primitive workbench and High-Quality Workbench. Obtain the feed bag after crafting it and it will unlock the Food slot. The players can see the food slot unlocked in the inventory. Place the food inside the Food slot to consume it later in the game.

How to Unlock More Food Slots

The players can also unlock more food slots by obtaining other feed bags. The other feed bags will also be obtained by reaching their level and utilizing the technology points.

Feed BagLevelTechnology Point
Average Feed BagUnlocked at level 202
Large Feed BagUnlocked at level 263
Huge Feed BagUnlocked at level 354
Giant Feed BagUnlocked at level 455

The Huge Feed Bag and Giant Feed Bag can only be crafted by using the Production assembly line which is the technology level 28 structure. Average and Large Feed Bag will only be crafted by using the High-Quality Workbench. The more the Food slots unlocked in the inventory, the more the foods can be stored in them and can be consumed by the Character and the Pals whenever they are hungry.