Palworld- How to Get Gunpowder

The world in the Palworld is enriched with the various Materials that the players have to find to craft weapons and workbench. Crafting new items or structures requires some materials that can be found while roaming in the biomes of the Palworld. Gunpowder is the material in Palworld that is required to make bullets. The players have to obtain the gunpowder for crafting the ammo for the guns in Palworld.

Gunpowder Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Gunpowder in Palworld.

How to Get Gunpowder

Gunpowder is the Technology level 21 item and it can be unlocked by using 2 points of the technology. The players have to reach Level 21 to get access to the Gunpowder. The Players can level up by catching more pals at least 30 Pals, Collecting Ores, mining rocks, and completing base missions. Technology points can be achieved by killing or catching Boss Pals in the World and the dungeons. The players have to kill or catch different Boss Pals to obtain Technology Points. Killing or catching the same Pal again will not grant you any technology points again.

Once the Players reach the technology level, open the inventory and move into the technology section. Upon unlocking the gunpowder, players will discover the recipe for Gunpowder. Unlock the Gunpowder and it is required to craft the gunpowder at the High-Quality workbench. For crafting the gunpowder, players have to collect the following required materials from the region of the Palworld.

Palworld Gunpowder

To forge the Charcoal, players have to unlock the primitive Furnace. The wood is required to get the charcoal by forging at the Improved furnace and Primitive furnace. Sulfur is obtained from the different regions in the World of Palworld. The players can get the Sulfur by mining the large and yellow nodes mainly in the Volcano biome. Breaking these big yellow rocks will grant the players with Sulfur. Sulfur nodes can be found on the northeast side from the starting area of the game. The players can just farm the bomb birds in the desert with Katress to get 6x gunpowder for each flock. Sulfur is also obtained from outside of the Fisherman’s point. Collect all the required materials and use the High-Quality Workbench to craft the Gunpowder.

Obtain Gunpowder by killing Tocotoco

The players can get the Gunpowder by killing or catching the Tocotoco. Tocotoco is the Pal that will only be found in the desert biome. Killing the Tocotoco will drop the Gunpowder. The northwest region of the world is the only area where Tocotoco will spawn. The players will obtain 3x Gunpowder upon killing the Tocotoco.

How to get gun powder in Palworld

They can explode after some time, so use the better weapons and guns to kill Tocotoco and use the high-level sphere to catch Tocotoco.