Palworld- How to Get Refined Ingot

The world in the Palworld is enriched with the various Materials that the players have to find to craft weapons and workbench. Crafting new items or structures requires some materials that can be found while roaming in the biomes of the Palworld. Refined Ingot is the material in the Palworld that is used to craft metal weapons and armor. The Players have to get Refined Ingot also to craft the workbench. The only source of crafting the Refined Ingot is by using the Improved Furnace.

Refined Ingot Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Refined Ingot in Palworld.

How to Get Refined Ingot

The Players can craft the Refined Ingot by forging at the Improved Furnace. To get 1x Refined Ingot, Players have to Use the following materials from the inventory.

Improved Furnace is a structure in the Palworld that allows the Players to craft new materials by forging process. Improved Furnace is the Technology Level 34 Item. The Players can unlock the Improved Furnace from the technology portion after reaching this Level. Players can level up by killing or capturing Pals at least 30 Pals, Collect Ores, mine Nodes, and also by completing the Base missions.

Upon unlocking the improved furnace by using three points of the technology, the players will discover the recipe for the Improved Furnace. Technology Points can be obtained by killing or capturing the Boss Pals in the World or the Dungeons. The Players have to build the Improved Furnace by using the following required materials.

  • 100x Stone
  • 30x Cement
  • 3x Flame Organ
Palworld Refined Ingot

Stone can be obtained by simply mining the nodes with the help of stone pickaxe. Flame Organ can be achieved by Killing or catching the fire-type pals. The Players can kill or catch the Foxparks to obtain the Flame Organ. Cement is a technology Level 19 item that can unlocked by using the 1 point of the technology. Cement is made by using the High-Quality Workbench. It requires 50x Stone, 1x Bone, and 1x Pal Fluid to craft.

Foraging Refined Ingot

After building the Improved Furnace, the players use 2x Ore and 2x Coal to obtain 1x Refined Ingot. Ore can be obtained by mining the Ore nodes with the help of stone pickaxe or metal pickaxe. Coal can be obtained by mining the Coal Nodes. To begin the foraging process, players have to assign the Fire-type Pals to blow the air in the improved furnace to forage the refined Ingot. Foxparks can be used to blow the air in the furnace and players will obtain the fixed refined ingot.