Palworld- How to Get Coal

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer game like Pokemon in which the players will craft new structures, produce items by farming, and get pals which are the creatures in Palworld and they will be helpful in many tasks in the game. The players collecting the new materials will help to craft refined materials and weapons as well. Coal is a material in the Palworld that is used in crafting high-quality metal and also Refined ingot which is further Used in crafting armor and weapons. The Players have to get Coal to craft Refined Ingot while using an Improved Furnace.

Coal Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Coal in Palworld.

How to Get Coal

Palworld offers two different methods to obtain Coal during the Gameplay. The first method to Obtain Coal is by mining the Coal Nodes that are scattered in the biomes of the Palworld. Getting the Coal fast requires the players to make a Palbox near the Coal Nodes and choose the Pals with mining abilities to mine the Coal Nodes. There are 5 to six different areas where the Coal Nodes are present in decent amounts. The players have to find these locations to make the Palbox near it. The Players have moved into the following location to mine the Coal nodes to collect the Coal in the inventory.

Anubis-125, -84
Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant-96, -120
Sealed Realm of the Guardian288, -21
Sealed Realm of the Swift189, -39
Deep Sand Dunes319, 498

The players can Find the 12 Coal Nodes if move into the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant and Anubis boss location. Each of them contains 6x Coal Nodes. However, Deep Sand Dunes is the only location that has a high amount of Coal Nodes. It contains 8x Coal Nodes. Move into these areas to Make the Palbox near the Coal Nodes and Let the Mining ability Pals, mine these Coal Nodes. Simply move into these locations and break the nodes with a Metal Pickaxe or Stone Pickaxe.

The other method to get the Coal is by killing the Pals. The Players have to kill the following Pals to obtain the Coal.

  • Blazamut
  • Menasting
Palworld Coal

Menasting can be found in the Pal Endangered No. 2 and upon killing or catching it will drop Coal and Venom Gland. Blazamut is also a high-level Pal and its living habitat is uncommon. Blazamut is found on the North side of Worldmap and moving into the west side the players can find the Menasting.