Palworld- How to Get Polymer

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer game like Pokemon in which the players will craft new structures, produce items by farming, and get pals which are the creatures in Palworld and they will be helpful in many tasks in the game. There are many materials that the players have to craft that will be further used in making new materials or weapons. Polymer is the material that is used to craft some advanced weapons in the Palworld. 

Palworld Polymer

Here’s the guide on How to Get Polymer in Palworld.

How to Make Polymer

The players have to get Polymer to craft new weapons. Polymer is the technology level 33 item that the players will unlock after reaching that level. The players can level up by catching more Pals at least 30 Pals, collecting Ores, mining rock, and completing the base missions. The players will unlock the Polymer by using two points of the technology. The technology points can be obtained by killing more Pals.

The players will discover the recipe for Polymer after unlocking it and Polymer will be crafted at the Production line I. The required material for crafting Polymer is the:

Polymer Palworld

The High-Quality Pal Oil can be purchased directly from the Wandering Merchants for 300 Gold Coins. Killing Some Certain Pals will also drop the High-Quality Pal Oil. The Pals that contain the High-Quality Pal Oil are the following.

  • Dumud
  • Digtoise
  • Grintale
  • Woolipop
  • Relaxaurus
  • Flambelle

Once the Players collect the required materials, interact with the Production Line I and craft the Polymer. The other method to obtain the Polymer is by killing or catching the Jetragon, which is the Legendary Celestial Dragon. Jetragon is the Level 50 Pal, being a Skillful Pal the Players can use the best technique to kill or catch Jetragon. It can be found in the western areas of the Palworld Map.