Lucyl Quest Guide in The Last Faith

In The Last Faith, there are many friendly non-playable characters (NPC) throughout the game. These NPCs come with their quests and on completing them achievements get unlocked, stats and abilities get better or they reward the players with something. Similar to Mariano and Lady Helenya, there is one more NPC named Lucyl. She is located outside the City of Mythringal and requests the Eryk to find and bring a flower for her husband’s grave.

Lucyl Quest Guide in The Last Faith

In this guide, you will see where to locate Lucyl and bring Water Well Flowers for her.

Locating Lucyl in The Last Faith

To start the Lucyl Quest, first, we need to find and talk with the Lucyl. She will be located in the City of Mythringal. Starting from the Mythringal West District head towards the right side bypassing all the platforms, there you will find a ladder downward. Take that ladder and start moving downward until you reach the bottom of the room.

Lucyl Location in The Last Faith

Starting from the bottom, head toward the right side. You will reach an open area where you will find a standing lady named Lucyl. Start interacting with her to start the quest.

Talking with Lucyl

On talking to her, you will know that she needs a special kind of flower named “Water Well Flowers” for her husband’s grave. All she wants this flower for is for his husband to be in peace.

Finding Water Well Flowers for Lucyl Quest

On interacting with her, we knew that she needed Water Well Flowers, and the only hint about the location of the flower is that it can be found in the Sea City.

Now continue the game to reach the City of Erlim. Upon reaching the checkpoint, there would be a gate on the left side of the map called Gates of Erlim. Follow the ladder to move down and after that move towards the left side while being in the same room.

Now move into the second room, get dropped down on the floor, and head toward the door on the right side. Keep moving right until you find the downward stairs. There you will find things to collect. Collect Water Well Flower from there.

Giving Water Well Flowers to Lucyl

After collecting the Water Well Flowers, return to Lucyl. interact with her to give flowers. On giving her the Water Well Flowers, the Lucyl Quest will be completed, and and achievement named “Till Death Do Us Part” will get unlocked.


  • Lucyl can be found standing in the cemetery in the City of Mythringal.
  • Lucyl Quest starts interacting with her.
  • All you need to do is to collect a special flower named as Water Well Flowers and give it to her for her husband’s grave.
  • Achievement named “Till Death Do Us Part” will get unlocked on completing the Lucyl Quest.