Persona 3 Reload – How To Raise Academics

There are three Social Stats in the Persona 3 Reload and Academics is one of them that can be leveled up through the game and helps the players to progress the game with better gameplay. There are many different levels of Academics that players can get raised and it offers several benefits like unlocking Social Links and impacting the other stats. Starting the game, the players will soon realize the importance of the leveling up of Academics and other social stats.

Increase Academics in Persona 3 Reload

In this guide, you will learn all about how to increase the Academics in Persona 3 Reload.

Academics in Persona 3 Reload

Academics is one of the three social stats in the game which you can increase to get various benefits. It helps you to perform well in the classroom and answer the quizzes which eventually leads you to be smarter. There are a total of six levels of Academics and it also unlocks the Social Links on certain levels. At Level 2 of Academics, Bebe gets unlocked. At Level 4 of Academics, Akinari Kamiki gets unlocked. At Level 6 of Academics, Mitsuru Kirijo gets unlocked.

How to Increase Academics

Academics Persona 3 Reload

There are plenty of activities in the town and methods in the game to increase academics in the game.

Don’t Sleep in Class

Being a good student requires you not to sleep in class and eventually makes you better in academics. This is an efficient method to increase academics and you can practice it for free. All you need to do is to be attentive in class which also helps you to answer the quizzes and tests.

Study in Library

It is also one of the effective and free methods to raise your Academics. You can find the Library on the First Floor West Wing and study there. This will not raise your academics if you study in the library when returning from Tartarus or if you are sick.

Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs also help to increase your Academics in the game. You can find many part-time jobs to work on during your free time like you can work at De Ja Blue or Be Blue V. Doing part-time jobs will increase your Academics along with the Charm and also give you the money.

Raise Academics Persona 3 Reload

Playing Quiz Games

Many games can raise your academic stats. Quiz Show game is the best one which you can play at Game Panic Arcade in Paulownia Mall every Saturday and Wednesday. Playing the said game will cost you ¥3000 to raise your academics.

Wakatsu Kitchen

You can visit the Wakatsu Kitchen located at the Iwatodai Station Strip Mall. Eating the food of ¥680 will raise your academics.

Increase Academics Persona 3 Reload

Spend Money in Naganaki Shrine

You can spend money in Naganaki Shrine to raise your academics. You can visit the shrine before the evening and it will let you offer ¥100, ¥1,000, or ¥10,000. Offering money will raise your academics.

Engaging in the above-mentioned activities will increase your Academic stats and eventually unlock the Social Links.