Silent Hill: The Short Message – How To Solve Locker Puzzle

Anita’s Locker Puzzle is the only puzzle in Silent Hill: The Short Message to progress the game. It sounds tricky initially but you can get it solved quickly. In the back of the School Hall, you will find Maya’s locker and Amelie’s locker. After opening them you need to open your locker which you can find on the same side of Amelie’s locker. On opening your locker you will get a note from Maya for you.

Silent Hill Puzzle

In this guide you will see how to solve the Locker Puzzle in Silent Hill: The Short Message.

How To Solve Locker Puzzle

You need to unlock your locker to get yourself out of the School hall by reading the note that Maya left for you. On interacting with the locker you will be prompted to enter the four-digit passcode to get it unlocked. The solution to the puzzle lies in the nearby environment which you need to figure out.

Note: Not interested in solving the puzzle? Input “0312” to unlock the locker.

You need to input the four-digit passcode to unlock it, so you need to find the four numbers near the locker. On searching around you will notice that there are numbers painted on different walls with different colors.

  • Blue Colored Digit 2: Right above the blue locker cabinet, you can see the digit 2 written the wall.
finding digits Silent Hill Locker Puzzle
  • Black Colored Digit 0: Above the door from which you entered the hall initially, you can see the digit 0 painted black color on the wall.
  • Red Colored Digit 3: Digit 3 is painted with a red color on the ceiling of the hall.
Silent Hill Locker Puzzle Digits
  • Yellow Colored Digit 1: Besides a yellow water fountain, you can find the digit 1 painted with yellow color on the wall pillar.
Silent Hill Locker Puzzle

Now you have the four digits and their colors. Digit 2 is blue, Digit 0 is black, Digit 1 is yellow and Digit 3 is black coloured. You need to figure out the order in which these should be inputted to the locker to get it unlocked. In the middle of the hall, you will find a desk with the word “LIAR” written on it in different colors. These colors will give you the exact order in which you need to input the passcode.

Silent Hill Locker Puzzle
“LIAR” ColorDigit ColorPuzzle Solution
L = Black00
I = Red33
A = Yellow11
R = Blue22
Locker Puzzle Solution

On rearranging the colored digits according to the colored order of the word “LIAR” you will get the number 0312 which is the solution to the Locker Puzzle.