What is Energy Apple and how to get Energy Apple in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is an adventure game. It is about the adventure of Straw Hat Pirates on a Mysterious island. You will find many creatures, monsters, and items on this mysterious island. Energy Apple is one of these items you will find on this Mysterious island.

In this guide, we will discuss the Energy Apple in the One Piece Odyssey. So, let’s get started with our guide!

What is Energy Apple

Energy Apple is a useable item; you will find on the Mysterious island. During the battle with your enemies, attacks of your enemies on you cause a reduction of the character’s HP. Energy Apple helps you to restore 500HP. In simple words, you will be able to restore your Health Points up to an amount of 500. The Green Gauge represents the amount of HP.

Energy Apple in One Piece Odyssey

How to use Energy Apple

You will be able to use Energy Apple by the following steps:

  • Open the Menu.
  • Select the “Items” tab.
  • You will see Energy Apple in the “Useable” tab if you already picked it up.
  • Select Energy Apple from the “Useable” tab.
  • Press the “X” button to confirm.
Energy Apple in One Piece Odyssey

How to get Energy Apple

  • You can find “Energy Apple” on the ground in many places on Mysterious island. Energy Apple will be in the form of a Shining item when you will find it on the ground. So, try to pick all the shining items on the ground.
  • You can get Energy Apple by breaking the Jars, Boxes, and Barrels.
  • You can get Energy Apple from your enemies as well.

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