Blasphemous 2 – How to defeat Great Preceptor Radamés

This guide is about defeating the Great Preceptor Radamés in Blasphemous 2. Bosses give great gameplay to the players by giving them tough times but with certain tips and tricks, they can be defeated easily. Great Preceptor Radamé is a fairly challenging boss. Encountering this boss will help you to adapt to different phases and you can also call Yerma for help.

Great Preceptor Radamés

How to defeat Great Preceptor Radamés

Great Preceptor Radamés is the third boss in Blasphemous 2. He is a large skeleton and can give a tough time if the players don’t know his attacking patterns. Inexperienced players can die too often if they don’t know how to heal and save.
Encounter with Great Preceptor Radamés consists of two phases and you will get rewarded as well for defeating him. Moreover, you can also call Yerma to join you in the battle to help you.

Yerma’s assistance during the encounter with Great Preceptor Radamés

If you have talked with Yerma at the Ravine of the High Stones, she will appear at the doorway leading to Radamés. Talking to her will give you the option to have her join you during the encounter.

Slow Staff Attack

The first attack of the Great Preceptor Radamés is the slow swing attack, it is easy to predict and avoid. When you see him extending his arm backward, you can expect a slow swing attack. Move backward at some distance to avoid this attack.

Purple Fireballs

Purple Fireballs

In this attack, Great Preceptor Radamés launches a projectile of purple fireballs. These can be avoided easily as well. These fireballs are at different heights. Higher ones can be avoided by passing beneath them and lower ones can be avoided by jumping over them.

In case you are towards the wall, there is another option to avoid them. Jump to the wall and hold yourself there until the attack is over.

Running Punches

Running Punches

Soon after the Fireball attack, he will do a running punch attack. This attack is easily predictable as so much glass will start coming out from the body of Great Preceptor Radamés. After the attack is over, the players will get enough time to give him a good amount of damage.

Falling Meteors

Falling Meteors

Soon after standing beside the wall, the Great Preceptor Radamés triggers the Falling Meteors attack. During this attack, large meteors start falling down to the ground. To avoid this attack, you need to position yourself to not be hit by them. Mostly this attack is followed by some other attack, so players need to be careful.

During this attack, he starts refilling his HP points. But won’t get that many points. Soon after that attack, you can give him enough damage.

Glass Waves

Glass Waves

The next attack that Great Preceptor Radamés launches is the Glass Waves attack. This can be predicted easily as he will extend and hold his both arms toward you and a wave of glass is initiated from his position toward you. He will initiate three such streams simultaneously. You can avoid them by jumping over them or holding yourself on the wall.

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Great Preceptor Radamés Rewards

After defeating the Great Preceptor Radamés, players will get rewarded 2000 Tears of Atonement and 1 Marks of Martyrdom.

Award NameAward Points
Tears of Atonement2000
Marks of Martyrdom1