Disney Dreamlight Valley- When Things Go Boom

When Things Go Boom is a new friendship quest set by Eve in the Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. When Things Go Boom quest will be available when the players complete the Directive Danger quest set by Eve, unlocking the lagoon area. Eve’s Level 10 quest will only be played by those players who own A Rift in Time Expansion. Eve is tired of gardening in her secret garden, she wants to try something unique which is making the fireworks. To increase the friendship level with Eve the players must complete the When Things Go Boom quest in Eternity Isle.

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete When Things Go Boom quest step by step.

The player has to talk with Stitch. Stitch will be available in the courtyard area of Ancient Landing. Transport yourself to the courtyard and talk to Stitch. Then talk to Eve again.

Collecting Dreamlight Cobra Lily Extract

The player has to find the Cobra Lily Extract from Dreamlight Cobra Lily in Eve’s House. Move towards Eve’s house on the docks. Eve House will be near the Two waterfalls at the docks. Her house is like a white spaceship. Move into her house and the Dreamlight Cobra Lily will be available on the table.

Press “X” to interact and collect the Dreamlight Cobra Lily Extract.

Cook the experimental firework

Move into your house and interact with the cooking station over there as you have to cook the firework recipe. Move into the experimental recipe and find which ingredients are required to make Experimental Fireworks. The following ingredients are required to make the experimental fireworks.

  • Cactus-1x
  • Cinnamon-1x
  • Electric Eel-2x
  • Potion-1x

How to Get the Ingredients

Cactus will already be in the ingredient collection as Stitch provided the Cactus powder to you when you were talking to him. Cinnamon is found in the wild tangle. It is a spices-type ingredient that will be found in the areas of Wild Tangle.

  • Grasslands
  • Promenade
  • Grove
  • Lagoon

Cinnamon is found on the ground you cannot grow them. They will be randomly spawned in the areas of Wild Tangle.

The eel can be found in the river between The Grove and The Grasslands near the Bridge on the fishing spot. Equip the Fishing rod and start fishing the Eel in red bubbles. Wait for the red bubble to spawn as they will only be available in them.

Cooking the recipe

Once all the ingredients are collected move back to any cooking station in Ancient Landing and start cooking the Experimental fireworks. Add all the ingredients to the cooking pot and start cooking.

Experimental is a Four-star recipe. Give it to Eve. Eve uses the fireworks which cause a fire near the hologram station in the docks. The player has to equip the Watering Can and start extinguishing the fire. Talk to Eve. Talk to Stitch again.

Search for the Socks

The players have to find three socks with the help of a Royal hourglass. Equip the Royal Hourglass and start searching for socks. Follow the particles when using the Royal Hourglass. The particles will lead you toward the nearest hidden treasure.

  • One of the socks will be found on the northwest side of the borderlands.
  • Second Socks will be extracted from the Northeast side of the lagoon near the fishing spot.
  • Third socks will be collected for the Northeast side of the ruins in the ancient landing.

Give these socks to stitch. After talking to Stitch, he wants the following materials.

  1. 10x Dream Shards
  2. 5x Red Pitcher plants

The Red pitcher plant is found in the grove and the lagoon areas of Wild Tangle. Once the player collects the Red Pitcher Plant, it will be added to the Foraging collection in Eternity Isle.

Dream Shards can be found anywhere in the Eternity Isle. Each biome can have the Dream Shards. Dream Shards is used to craft different materials and in crafting new furniture. Dream Shard can be obtained by following methods.

  1. Digging Sparkling Holes.
  2. Feeding the animals with their favorite recipes.
  3. Clearing night thorns.

Collect them all give it to Eve.