Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Find Pearls

Pearls in Eternity Isle, are the new foraged material that are hidden in the Eternity Isle. The player who owns A Rift in Time Expansion gets the Pearls in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Pearl has to be collected and stored in the inventory section for further usage in the several quests and during crafting the materials. The selling price of Pearls is not high, yet the smooth pearl plays an important role during the New Ventures (And Adventures) quest, set by Scrooge McDuck, and also in crafting new materials and furniture at the Timebending Table.

How to Find Pearls

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Pearls.

Where to Find the Pearls

A Rift in Time Expansion introduces the new biomes in the Eternity Isle. One of the new biomes is an Ancient Landing. The pearls in the Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found in the Ancient Landing areas. The Ancient Landing contains four areas. Following are the areas of Ancient Landing from where the players can find the Pearls.

  1. The Courtyard
  2. The Docks
  3. The Ruins
  4. The Overlook

The pearls have a high spawn rate at the docks. The other areas of Ancient Landing will be locked, to unlock these areas, Mist is required and the Jafar quest needs to be complete. To move into the docks, the player will automatically unlock this area while playing The Ports of Many Worlds quest set by Merlin. Once the player enters the docks, move in the Southwest direction of the docks, near the two wooden bridges.

Take out the Shovel and start digging the area of the Docks to find the Pearls. Once you dig out the Pearl, it will be given two pearls, when collected. Start digging the areas around the Two wooden bridges and the southwest side of the docks to get the pearls.

Where to Find the Pearls

The player can get 24 pearls while digging just around the areas of two bridges, which are the fishing spots in the docks. Players can dig the other areas of the Ancient’s landing to find the Pearls, but to save energy, it is recommended that players just dig the ground in the docks with the help of a shovel.


Pearl is the crafting material that will be used to craft many other materials. Once you collect the pearls, they will be added to your Forging Collection in the Eternity Isle. The selling price of each Pearl is 10 Star Coins. Take out the shovel and start digging the areas on Ancient’s Landing and collect as many Pearls to be used further in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.