Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Complete the Sundial Quest

The Sundial quest is the Second quest of the story quest set by Rapunzel. The Sundial quests start automatically when the player completes the Ancient Door quest. Only those players can play these story quests who own A Rift in Time Expansion in Eternity Isle. To make further progress in obtaining the Jewel of Time, the player must complete the Sundial Quest to enter The Tower quest. The Rapunzel is available in the Wild Tangle, behind the waterfall. To unlock the Wild Tangle, the player must complete, The sands in the hourglass quest from Jafar.

How to Complete the Sundial Quest

Here’s the Guide on How to complete the Sundial Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Enter the Sundial Island and move into the Ancient Grove, there you will see two items.

  1. A Sundial
  2. Sun Core

Investigate the Sun Core placed on the ground. Now, the player has to catch the Floating Sun Core. Once you catch the Floating Sun Core, remove the Swirling Sands from the Sundial Island to obtain the Mist. Place the Floating Sun Core to the Sundial. Approach closer to Sundial and press “X” to interact with it. Select the Floating Sun Core from the Sun Mechanism collection in the inventory and place it in its place. Placing the Floating Sun Core in the golden hollow area will allow Sundal to move in the right direction.

Floating Sundial Gears

Talk to Rapunzel. The Sundial makes an irregular noise, and the player needs to repair its mechanism in the center to get to the far island. The gears are missing from Sundial. The player has to find ten golden floating gears around the isle. Move towards the valley and start searching for the Sundial Gears. Some of the Gears will be still in their position and some gears will be floating in the area. The player needs to chase and catch the Floating Gears.

Floating Sundial Gears

Use the sprinting technique to chase the floating Gears. Collect the gears by pressing “X”. Move to the areas of Eternity Isle to find the Sundial gears. Some of the Sundial gears can be found in the courtyard and the docks as well.

Where to Find the Floating Sundial Gears

The following list tells from which area of Eternity Isle, the floating gears can be obtained.

  • Entrance of the grove area
  • Passage between the grasslands and the plains
  • Southeast direction of the plains
  • Main Bridge of the courtyard
  • The sides of the plains near the entrance
  • The center of the docks
  • Near the rocky areas of the docks
  • The Grasslands area
  • Inside the docks near the fishing spot
  • Lower region of The Grasslands
Where to Find the Floating Sundial Gears

Once the player collects 10 Sundial gears, teleport yourself to the grasslands area of the Wild tangle biome and give these floating gears to Rapunzel on the sundial island behind the waterfalls.

Investigating the Sundial

Investigate the sundial by pressing “X” when approaching close to it. Once the player investigates the Sundial, it will move from its place. The passage will be created that will lead towards the Statue of Time that holds the Jewel of Time. Reach the Statue of Time by removing the Swirling Sands by using the Royal Hourglass.

Investigating the Sundial

The Jewel of Time will be missing from the Statue of Time. Pick up the piece of paper placed on the ground near the Statue of Time. Talk to the Rapunzel. Mother Gothel was there and she kept the Jewel of Time for the experiment as the Jewel of Time is too powerful to mess around. The Jewel of Time is hidden in the tower. Now the Sundial quest is completed.

Complete the tower quest by investigating Mother Gothel’s chest to achieve the Jewel of Time.