Disney Dreamlight Valley- Where to Find Pretty Pink Starfish

One of the new seafood introduced in the Disney Dreamlight Valley is a Pretty Pink Starfish. The Pretty Pink Starfish is found in the pools in Eternity Isle. Pretty Pink Starfish have 20 white big dots on it and one small dark pink star in the middle. The player who owns A Rift in Time Expansion can get the Prety Pink Starfish in the area of Glittering Dunes. Pretty Pink starfish is consumed as a seafood ingredient in a Barbecued Pretty Pink Starfish recipe, which is cooked on any cooking station in Eternity Isle.

Where to Find Pretty Pink Starfish Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Get pretty pink Starfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find Pretty Pink Starfish

A pretty Pink Starfish is found in the Glittering Dunes area. To enter the Glittering Dunes, players have to unlock this area by repairing the broken bridge when completing the sands in the hourglass quest set by Jafar. The player needs Mist to unlock the Glittering Dunes. There are four areas of the Glittering Dunes biome.

  1. The Plains
  2. The Wastes
  3. The Oasis
  4. The Borderlands

A pretty pink starfish is found in The Oasis in Glittering Dunes. The player has to unlock the oasis by using 6,000 Mist and removing the Swirling Sands blocking the entrance of the Oasis from the plains. The Mist can be collected by following methods.

  • Clearing the Swirling Sands
  • Completing the Mist Duties, especially collecting the fruits
  • Removing the Splinters of fate

How to get Pretty Pink Starfish

Once the player collects 6,000 Mist, the Oasis will be unlocked by using the Mist. Move into the fishing spot in the oasis, which is on the north side of the oasis. Equip the fishing rod and start fishing Pretty Pink Starfish in the water.

How to get Pretty Pink Starfish Disney Dreamlight Valley

Pretty Pink Starfish will only be caught in the orange ripple. The player has to wait till the orange ripples have appeared in the water. Once the orange bubbles are showing, equip the fishing rod and start fishing and press LMB to take out the pretty pink starfish from the water.

There will be a chance that the player will get Brilliant Blue starfish but the player has to fish again and take out the Pretty Pink starfish. Once the player gets the Pretty Pink starfish, it will be added to the Fish collection in Eternity Isle. It can be consumed directly and the delicious recipe can also be made which provides an energy boost of 2,812, it can also be sold at the price of 1,200 Star Coins.


Pretty Pink Starfish is beneficial in your financial status and also in increasing stamina. Pretty pink starfish can be eaten directly, the player will get an energy boost of 1,500 or the player sell the pink starfish at the price of 875 Star Coins at Goofy’s stall. The energy is required to complete any task or activity in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can also cook Barbecued Pretty Pink Starfish and get more benefits from it.