How to Catch Bugs in Palia – Palia Bug Catching Guide

There are a lot of activities to do in Palia for example Hunting, Cooking Furniture Making, Home Decoration, Mining, Fishing, Bug Catching etc. These activities reward you with skill points and resources that you can use to improve your living in the game. Bug Catching is such a skill activity in Palia.

Bug Catching in Palia

In this guide, you will learn how to catch bugs in Palia, what to do to catch bugs.

How to Catch Bugs in Palia

Like any other skill activity, you need to be equipped with certain tools to catch bugs in Palia. You need to have a Makeshift Belt and Smoke Bombs to catch bugs. You can get Makeshift Belt at the start of the game by Bug Catching 101 quest. To start catching bugs, you need to equip yourself with the Makeshift Belt and throw the Smoke Bombs on them. Smoke Bombs act as ammo for bugs.

To start catching bugs in Palia, press the R key on your keyboard and select the Makeshift Belt to equip it. Now select the Smoke Bombs from your inventory and right-click to attach it with your belt. Now find the bugs to catch and right-click on them to aim and throw the Smoke Bomb on them. Some bugs can easily get caught while some require more than one bomb to throw.

How to catch bugs in Palia

There are different levels of the Makeshift Belt and Smoke Bombs, the higher the levels the higher your Bug Catching game. You need to craft them on reaching a certain Bug Catching Skill level by purchasing the crafting recipe from Auni.

How to Craft Belts to Catch Bugs in Palia

There are three different Makeshift Belts in Palia that you can craft. Below is complete crafting information about them.

Bug Catching Crafter/BeltBug Catching Skill LevelCrafting Materials
Makeshift BeltStarter/No Bug Catching Level is required.You will get it as a part of Bug Catching 101 Quest by talking with Auni.
Standard Belt34x Leather
3x Copper Bar
1x Makeshift Belt
Fine Belt62x Fabric
3x Iron Bar
1x Standard Belt
Exquisite Belt92x Silk
1x Palium Bar
1x Fine Belt

How to Craft Smoke Bombs to Catch Bugs in Palia

There are four different Smoke Bombs that you can craft to catch bugs in a better way in Palia. Below is the complete information about them.

Smoke Bomb TypeBug Catching LevelCrafting Materials
Standard Smoke BombStarter/No Bug Catching Level is required.1x Clay
1x Sundrop Lily
Sneaky Smoke Bomb21x Clay
1x Sundrop Lily
1x Chapaa Fur
Sticky Smoke Bomb41x Clay
2x Fabric
1x Sweet Leaf
Supreme Smoke Bomb91x Clay
1x Pearl
1x Silk

Where To Find All Bugs in Palia

You can find bugs in both Kilima Village and Bahari Bay. Different Bugs can be found at different times in each region. So if you are looking to catch a particular bug follow the occurrence time in that region below.

Some of the bugs are common in both the regions while some of them only find in their particular region.