Palia Mining Guide

There are many skill activities to do in Palia like Fishing, Hunting, Cooking, Furniture Making, Home Decoration, etc. These skills are related to each other. Mining is a valuable skill to do in Palia which gives you the resources that are essential to do many other activities.

Mining in Palia

In this guide you will see about how to do mining in Palia to find different recourses such as Clay, Copper, Iron, Palium etc.

How to do Mining in Palia

To start Mining in Palia you need to equip yourself with a certain tool called Pick. Pick gets unlocked on interacting with Hodari after getting Axe from Ashura during Welcome to Palia Quest. All you need to equip yourself with Pick and find a mining node. On hitting the rocks and breaking them with Pick will drop the certain recourses such as Iron, Copper, Clay, Palium etc. along with the Mining Skill Experience Points.

Initially in Palia there were only five recourses to mine in Palia but after the Patch 0.172, there are 10 additional and more valuable Starstones are added in the game which makes the mining even more valuable.

  • Stone
  • Clay
  • Copper
  • Iron – Requires Standard Pick
  • Palium – Requires Fine Pick

How To Upgrade Mining Crafter in Palia

Initially, you will be having only the Pick tool to mine in Palia with which you can mine only certain resources. But with time you can upgrade your mining skill and mining tool/pick to do mining even better in the experienced way. Below are the details to follow when doing mining upgrades.

Mining Skill LevelMining CrafterCrafting Recipe
Level 3Standard Pick1x Makeshift Pick
20x Sapwood Plank
5x Copper Bar
Level 6Fine Pick1x Standard Pick
10x Heartwood Plank
5x Iron Bar
Level 9Exquisite Pick1x Fine Pick
5x Flow-Infused Plank
2x Palium Bar

Locations to Mine

There are a lot many locations where you can find mining nodes to do mining. Some locations are good with a lot of recourses to mine whereas in some locations you won’t fine that much rare and valuable recourses like Palium etc.

Where to mine Stone

You can find mining nodes to mine Stone in Bahari Bay and Kilima along cliff walls.

Where to mine Clay

Clay mining nodes can easily be found in Kilima Valley but it is more abundant in Gillyfin Cove, Remembrance Beach, and Fisherman’s Lagoon along the coastline or new water in beaches. The Clay mining nodes are a bit different with reddish brown color.

Find Clay in Palia

Where to mine Copper

Copper is an abundant material in the game which you can find easily in South of the Mayor’s Estate and Remembrance Garden with a higher spawn rate.

Where to mine Copper in Palia

Where to mine Iron

Iron is not as much abundant as Copper but still you can find that easily in the regions Behind Hodari’s House, Around Meadow Areas, Flooded Step in Bahari Bay.

Where to mine Iron in Palia

Where to mine Palium

Palium is the rarest resource to mine in the Palia which can be found in Bahari Bay in Flooded Fortress and Proudhorn Pass regions. Palium can only be mined using Fine Pickaxe on reaching Mining Skill Level 6.

Where to Mine Palium in Palia

Where to mine Starstones

Initially there were no Starstones in Palia but introduced later after Patch 0.172. Starstones make mining even more valuable which you can sell for gold or can gift to villagers to increase the friendship level with them.