Palia – How To Get Palium

Palium is one of the rarest metal ore you can mine and get in Palia. It is a very useful metal ore that you can mine in the game and use to craft Palium Bars which are essential to upgrade your tools or you can make a good amount of money by selling it. Palium mining nodes can only be found in the Bahari Bay regions, making it rare.

How to get Palium in Palia

In this guide you will see about how you can find and get Palium in Palia and how you can use it.

Where to find Palium Mining Nodes

Palium mining nodes can only be found in the Bahari Bay region. When searching for Palium in the Bahari Bay, search for the shiny bluish-purple mining nodes. You can only mine Palium with Fine Pickaxe which you can have only on reaching at Mining Skill Level 6. You can purchase the crafting recipe for Fine Pickaxe from Hodari.

There are three different sizes of Palium mining nodes, Small, Medium and Large.

  • Small Nodes can give you 1-3 Palium Ores on giving 5 hits with Fine Pickaxe or 3 hits with Exquisite Pickaxe.
  • Medium Nodes can give you 2-4 Palium Ores on giving 6 hits with Fine Pickaxe or 4 hits with Exquisite Pickaxe.
  • Large Nodes can give you 6-10 Palium Ores on giving 8 hits with Fine Pickaxe or 6 hits with Exquisite Pickaxe.

Following are the locations where you can find Palium mining nodes.

  • Proudhon Pass: Starting from the Central Stables Fast Travel location, you can go to the encircled area in the map below to find the mining nodes.
Finding Palium near Proudhorn Pass
  • West Of Flooded Fortress: You can find a lot of Palium nodes on the cliff top in the west of Flooded Fortress.
West of Flodded Fortress
  • Pavel Mines: In the Pavel Mines you can find a lot many Palium Nodes.
Pavel Mines
  • You can also find Palium Ore to mine in the north of Statue Garden and the Cliff Top of the Thronny Thicket.
Finding Palium

It takes about one real-time hour to respawn the Palium nodes which you can also bypass by restarting the game or rejoining from the Kilima fast-travel location.

What to do with Palium

Palium Ore can be used for a variety of purposes in the game. With Palium ores, you can craft the Palium Bars which are essential for many crafting recipes. You need them to upgrade your tools to an Exquisite level, make furniture, and a lot more. You can even sell it for gold. You can get one Palium bar by smelting 5 Palium Ores.