Palia – Where To Find Clay to Make Ceramic Bricks

There are many resources that you need to find and collect for different purposes in Palia. Clay is one of the collectible and essential resources that you can mine and smelt into ceramic and use to craft different items. You can find clay quite easily in the game near the water. Starting in the game, you can get it in Kilima Valley along the coastline.

How to find Clay in Palia

In this guide you will learn all about Clay in Palia.

Location of Clay in Palia

You can get the Clay nodes very easily in the game in Kilima Valley but it is more abundant in Gillyfin Cove, Remembrance Beach, and Fisherman’s Lagoon. There you will find many Clay nodes and you need to mine Clay with a Pickaxe. Clay mining nodes are reddish brown and can be identified instantly. Each node of clay gives 5-6 units of Clay.

Find Clay in Palia

What to do with Clay

After purchasing the crafting blueprint from Hodari and unlocking the Smelter on reaching Mining Skill Level 2, you will be able to smelt clay into Ceramic bricks which is required to upgrade the buildings, crafters, furniture, etc. Clay is also an essential resource to make Smoke Bombs which are the ammo to catch bugs.

How to make Ceramic Bricks with Clay

On reaching Mining Skill Level 2, Smelter will get unlocked. You can purchase the crafting recipe from Hodari for 100 Gold. On purchasing you will get a refund from him via mail so you get it for free. Now you need to craft a Basic Smelter to make Ceramic Bricks. You can craft it quite easily as there are only a few basic materials required which are as follows.

  • 40x Stone
  • 6x Flint
  • 3x Sernuk Hide

After crafting the Basic Smelter, you need the recipe for Ceramic Bricks from Hodari which will cost 50 Gold. All you need to do is to put two units of clay into the Smelter by interacting with it and it yields one brick.

How to make ceramic bricks in palia

That is all about the Clay and making Ceramic Bricks with it.