How to get Glider in Palia | Like A Bird Quest

Due to constraints and diversity in the map, It is not possible to explore the whole world of Palia on foot only. You need to fly sometimes to explore it. In this guide, you will learn about how to get a glider in the Palia. Exploring the world in Palia scares you to explore on your feet? No problem the solution is here you can fly using a Glider in Palia.

How to get Glider in Palia

In this guide you will know about Like a Bird Quest and how to unlock Glider in Palia.

Like A Bird Quest in Palia

Like A Bird Quest

Glider in Palia will get unlocked on progressing the main story line of the game until you reach Like A Bird Quest. After Ancient Battery Riddle Quest, you will get started with Like A Bird Quest. In this quest you needs to talk to the Najuma, the daughter of Hodari, located in the Bahari Bay east of the Kilima Village.

On speaking with her, she will tell you that she can make a glider for you if you bring following materials to her.

  • 5x Sapwood Planks
  • 2x Fabric
  • 5x Leather

You can get both the Fabric and Leather by crafting them but there is another option to obtain them. You can simply purchase them from the shop for 680 Gold.

How To Get Fabric and Leather

How To Get Fabric and Leather

To get Fabric and Leather, you need to craft them at Fabric Loom.

There are two ways to get Fabric. Either you can purchase it from Tiff’s Furniture Store for 190 Gold each piece or you can buy Cotton Seeds from the General Store in Kilima Village for 40 Gold each bag. Growing Cotton Seeds to get Cotton required 5 in-game Days. So you can get the Fabric in any suitable way you like.

Just like Fabric, Leather can also be obtained in two ways. Either you can get it directly by purchasing from Tish’s Furniture Store for 60 Gold each piece or you can get it by processing Sernuk Hide in the Fabric Loom. Sernuk Hide can be obtained by hunting Sernuk using a bow and arrows.

How to Get Sapwood Planks

Sapwood Planks are the refined form of Sapwood obtained from the Sawmill. To get Sapwood you need to first craft the Sawmill Crafter which you can get after getting the crafting recipe from Ashura. Each Sapwood Plank needs one piece of Sapwood.

How to Get Glider

How to get Glider in Palia

After obtaining all the required materials and returning to Najuma in Bahari Bay to complete the Like A Bird Quest, she will reward you with a Glider. From then, it will be found in the Accessories of your slot which you can equip at any time by pressing the Jump Button on falling or jumping from the cliff or height and it can be controlled by WASD just like roaming on the ground.