Disney Dreamlight Valley- A New Directive Quest

A New Directive Quest is the New Friendship quest in the Eternity Isle, which will be available when the players complete the Directive Danger Quest available from Eve. A New Directive quest is Eve’s level 2 friendship quest. The players who own A Rift in Time Expansion can play these Friendship quests from Eve. Eve is not guarding the Royal Hourglass anymore, as you have the Royal Hourglass achieved during the Flying Metal Nuisance quest. To increase the Friendship level with Eve the players have to complete A New Directive Quest in Eternity Isle.

A New Directive Quest

Here’s the Guide on How to complete A New Directive Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Feeding the Monkeys

We have to feed two monkeys in Ancient’s Landing. The players have to make a three-star recipe for the monkeys. Use any Cooking station in the Ancients landing to start making A banana pie recipe. Banana pie is a three-star dish and ingredients can be found easily in Ancient’s Landing. Following are the ingredients required to make banana pie.

  • Banana
  • Wheat
  • Butter

Where to Find Ingredients

Bananas can be found in the Peaceful Meadow, Dazzle Beach, and Moana Realm. Banana is a fruit-type ingredient that can be harvested from Banana trees. Each time the player does Harvesting, will gain 3xBananas in their ingredients collection. Banana takes 23 minutes to grow again on the tree. Move to these three areas and harvest the bananas.

Wheat is a Grain type of ingredient that can be discovered in the Peaceful Meadow in dreamlight valley. In the Plaza, the Peaceful Meadow will be encountered. Purchase the Wheat seed from Goofy’s Stall and plant it in any area of Eternity Isle. Wheat grows faster in Peaceful Meadow. Wheat takes 1 minute to grow.

Butter is a Dairy and oil-type ingredient that can be purchased from the Chez Remy restaurant in the Plaza. Butter can be purchased at the price of 190 Star Coins.

Making A Banana pie

A New Directive Quest

Once the player gathers all the meal ingredients it will be added to the ingredients collection in Eternity Isle. Interact with the cooking station and add all the ingredients to make A banana pie.

Find the classic monkeys in the docks in ancient Landing and offer him A banana pie. Play a little tag game with him and feed them. The Classic Monkey will be available all the time in the docks.

Where to Find Missing Objects

Talk to Eve and follow the Eve. The quest is updated with new guidelines. The players have to find the lost objects in the Swirling sands around Ancient Landing. Following are the Objects that the player has to find.

  • BnL Picnic Blanket
  • BnL Trashcan Planter
A New Directive Quest

Use the Royal Hourglass to get these objects in the areas of ancient lands. Find the floating stones and break them by using the royal hourglass to extract these items. The First object will be found in the center of the docks and the other will be found behind the waterfalls in the docks.

Where to Get Flowers

The Player has to find the following objects in the Eternity Isle.

  • Orange Birds of Paradise-x3
  • Yellow Birds of Paradise-x3
  • White Birds of paradise-x3
  • Red Luminescent Flowers-x3
  • Jade-x2

Jade can be found in the Nodes in the Courtyard and the Overlook areas in ancient Landing. You need to unlock The Overlook area by using 6,000 Mist. You can get access to The Courtyard by completing the quest from Jafar which is The Secret of Eternity Isle. Equip the Pickaxe and start breaking the rocks to collect the jade.

A New Directive Quest

To gather the required flowers, search for them in the Docks or the Courtyard. The player has to pick them up and they will be added to your Inventory Collection in Eternity Isle. The flowers will be spawned in different locations in these areas. Press “E” to pick up the flowers. Red Luminescent flowers can be obtained for the overlook and the ruins.

Take Pictures of Eve and WALL-E

Once the player collects all the Required items, move back to Eve in the docks and offer him all these items. After giving all the items, follow Eve and watch Eve talking to WALL-E. Take 3 pictures of Eve and WALL-E and talk to Eve and A New Directive Quest will be completed.

A New Directive Quest