Disney Dreamlight Valley- Lasers & Crafts Quest

Lasers and Crafts is a Friendship quest available from the Eve. When the player completes A New Directive quest, a new quest will be introduced in Eve’s friendship quests which is for Eve’s Level 4 friendship level. Those players who own A Rift in Time Expansion can play these friendship quests in Eternity Isle. Eve has caused problems with the plants in Eve’s Secret Garden on Eternity Isle. Once the player completes the Lasers and Crafts quest, the friendship level will be increased which will be beneficial for the further game.

Lasers & Crafts Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete the Lasers and Crafts Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Talk to Eve and follow her to Eve’s secret garden in Ancient Landing. The plants are on fire which was accidently done by Eve. Equip the watering Can and Start Extinguishing these fires. Five plants will be on fire. Use the watering bottle to remove the fires.

How to Get Ancient Gemstones

Once the player extinguishes the fires, talk to Eve. After talking with Eve, move to Mirabel and talk to her. Once the talking with Mirabel ends, the new guideline for quests will be updated and the player has to find 2 Ancients Gemstones around the Ancients Landing. Ancient Gemstone is the new Gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley that is used in the Lasers and Crafts quest set by Eve.

How to get Ancient Gemstones

Use the Royal Hourglass to find this new gem. The docks and the courtyard areas will be unlocked, the players have to find Ancient Gemstone over there. Use the royal Hourglass and follow the particles in their moving direction as the particle’s movement will guide the player to find the nearest hidden treasure that has been lost with a time flow.

The first gemstone will be found on the docks on the northeast side near the stairs. The second gemstone can be found on the west side of the docks across the river.

Melting the Ancient Gemstones

Once the player collects the Ancient Gemstones, these Gemstones have to be melted. Give the Ancient Gemstones to Eve. Follow Eve to a mystery location to melt the Ancient Gemstones. The location will be just behind the waterfall in the docks.

Melting the Ancient Gemstones

Once the melting starts there will be a fire all around you and Eve.

  • Use the Watering Can to extinguish the Fire
  • Equip the shovel to remove 2 craters from the ground
  • Pick up the Ancient Gemstones. Talk to Eve again.

Crafting the Stone Canvas

New guidelines will be available and the player has to craft Stone Canvas. Approach the Timebending table and move into crafting recipes and there will be a Stone Canvas that the player has to craft. The items that are required for crafting the Stone Canvas are the following

Plastic Scrap5
Melted Ancient Gemstones2

Plastic scrap can be found in the river while fishing not in the ripples or bubbles. Equip the fishing rod and start fishing Plastic scrap as they can be found in the river. Take out 5 Plastic scraps for the water by not fishing in ripples. Once the player collects the plastic scrap, it will be added to your Foraging collection in Eternity Isle.

Crafting the Stone Canvas

Quartz can be found in the Ancient Landing while mining the nodes with the help of Pickaxe. Equip the Pickaxe and start breaking the rocks and collect the Quartz and it will be added to your Foraging Collection in Eternity Isle as Quartz is the Foraged material. Quartz can be found in the following areas in Ancient Landing

  1. The Docks
  2. The Courtyard
  3. The Overlook
  4. The Ruins
Crafting the Stone Canvas

Sometimes the player may get copper or minerals, so keep mining the nodes till quartz is found in the nodes.

Once the player collects all the required items, follow the steps accordingly.

  1. Move to the Timebending Table and interact with it.
  2. Move into the Crafting Recipes collection
  3. Select the Stone Canvas
  4. Start crafting it. Once the crafting process is complete give it to Eve.

Follow the Eve and Lasers and Crafts quest will be completed.