Palia – How To Get More Inventory Slots | Zeki’s Expanded Backpack Quest

It is very important to get More Inventory Slots by completing Zeki’s Expanded Backpack quest in Palia to figure out the problem of getting short of inventory slots. There are a lot of resources in the game to collect and use for crafting and other purposes. You always run short of storage or inventory slots to store that recourse with you. But this is not the end of the story. You can upgrade your inventory slots in the game to carry more stuff with you.

Zeki's Expanded Backpack Quest

In this guide, you will see how you can get more inventory slots by completing Zeki’s Expanded Backpack Quest.

Zeki’s Expanded Backpack Quest

When you enter the land of Plia, you will have two inventory bars. Each inventory bar comprises 8 inventory slots so you will get started with 16 inventory slots. You can get started with Zeki’s Expanded Backpack quest when you receive a mail in your mailbox on leveling up two of the skills to level 2. Zeki is a cat-like friendly NPC Palia who runs a General Store in the game.

Zeki's General Store Location

You need to visit the General Store in Kilima Village marked on the map. You can find it quite easily in the town square. You may find the Zeki hanging out around the Store but you don’t need to interact with him to make any purchase. In the Store, you will get a cash register which you need to interact with to make any transaction in the shop.

Upgrade Backpack in Palia

On the left side of the cash register in the store, you will see a Backpack advertisement. On interacting with that advertisement you will see a prompt to get the backpack upgrade for 500 Gold. On purchasing this upgrade you will get 8 new inventory slots. This is a very easy quest to complete as it does not head you to do anything just walk you through Zeki’s General store to see the Backpack Advertisement. After completing this quest you will get rewarded with 5 Renown and an increase in your relationship with Zeki.

How To Get More Inventory Slots

Zeki’s Backpack quest will be completed by purchasing the first upgrade of the backpack in Zeki’s General Store but there are 2 more backpack upgrades to increase your inventory slots up to 40.

Once you get your backpack upgraded, the backpack advertisement will show the next available backpack upgrade “Large Backpack” which costs you 5000 Gold and gives you 8 more inventory slots. Lastly, it will show you the “Deluxe Backpack” which is the last upgrade of a backpack for 50,000 Gold and it gives you 8 more inventory slots.

Backpack UpgradesPrice in GoldIncrease in Inventory SlotsTotal Inventory Slots
First Upgrade500824
Large Backpack5000832
Deluxe Backpack50,000840

As you can see the first upgrade is not that much expensive while the other Backpack upgrades cost a lot of Gold like 5,000 and 50,000. You can keep progressing in the game to collect many resources and materials. Some of them will sell for a good price. On having enough money you can go with more backpack upgrades.

That is all about Zeki’s Backpack Quest and how to get more inventory slots to carry out more stuff with you while playing Palia.