Palia – Old Coin Quest

Just like many other mystery items, you may find an Old Coin in Palia during exploration and be curious about what to do with it. On getting the coin a quest named Old Coin Quest will get started. You need to find out the two more coins and figure out about how to use them.

Old Coin Quest

This guide is about how to find all three old coins in Palia and how to use them to complete the Old Coin Quest in Palia.

Palia Old Coin Quest

Many quests in Palia get started when you find a mystery item. Old Coin Quest is such a you can start finding a lost old coin in the Bahari Bay region. You can find this in the Flooded Fortress inside the glowing vase on the second floor of the Flooded Fortress behind the Phoenix Statue. Make sure that the glider is unlocked because it is good to have throughout the quest. The old Coin quest will be started by interacting with that glowing vase. Now you need to talk about the villagers to get more information about that coin. On interacting with many villagers, you will be directed to Zeki’s General Store to learn more about this coin.

First Coin Location

On asking Zeki about this old coin you will know that there are two more such coins that you need to find out and putting it in the mouth of Phoenix Statue reveals a fortune. Zeki also found such a coin which on putting in the Statue’s mouth revealed a fortune that he could not read. Now your tasks are to the find other two coins and reveal the fortune.

Second Old Coin Location

After getting the first coin and inquiring Zeki about it you can either go to the Phoenix Statue to reveal the fortune or you can find and collect the remaining two coins to reveal the fortunes altogether.

The second coin will be found on the northern side of the Flooded Fortress. Glide over to reach the broken bridge with water running over it. There you will find a similar kind of glowing vase. One important fact to know is that the other two coins only spawned after finding the first coin. Directly going into the location of the second coin won’t give you anything.

Second Coin Location

Third Old Coin Location

The third coin can be found on the eastern side of Flooded Fortress on one of the broken columns of the destroyed bridge.

Third Coin Location

Starting from the location of the second coin glide towards the stairs. Go upstairs turn left and keep going upstairs. There you will see a broken connection. Glide over to reach the other side. At the end of this pathway, you will see a glowing vase on the broken column. Reach there to collect the third coin.

Reveal The Phoenix Fortunes

After collecting all three old coins you need to return to the Phoneix Statue to interact with it. Drop each of your coins in the glowing face of the statue to receive three fortunes. Now you need to reach each of the fortune and return to the Zeki to complete Old Coin Quest.

Old Coin Quest Reward

On returning to the Zeki in Kilima Village, this quest will completed and you will get the following rewards.

  • Lucky Coin from Zeki
  • 10x Renown
Old Coin Quest Rewards