Palia – How To Complete Masks Quest

There are many hidden quests in Palia for which you do not have much information about the locations of the specific items to find and complete them. Masks Quest is such a quest in the game that will get started on finding an ancient item named Bird Mask and lead you to find out the other Masks. This quest is about finding the history and the purpose behind the usage of them.

Masks Quest Palia

In this guide, you will learn how to get started with the Masks quest and find all the remaining Masks and their meaning.

Starting Masks Quest in Palia

You may start with this quest accidentally rather than purposely as it gets started by finding an item named Bird Mask. There is no specific location or time when you can get this randomly when you tile soil on your Housing plot. Upon getting the Bird Mask, the Masks quest will get started.

You may get curious about finding this ancient item and want to learn more about it. Heads to Jina to inquire about this Mask. She will tell you that the Bird Mask might have been used in the Human era for religious ritual purposes but she is not sure enough. So to confirm that you are tasked to find more such masks.

Masks Quest Walkthrough

As you find out the Bird Mask the Masks quest will get started where you have to find more of such masks but there are not any hints or marks on the map to find and collect these. Below are the locations where you can find the rest of them.

  • Insect Mask: You can get the Insect mask in the ruins located in the west of Whisper Banks fast travel location.
  • Humanoid Mask: Humanoid mask is located in Phoenix Falls near the blocked passage inside the Water Temple.
  • Kitsuu Mask: Kitsuu mask can be found under the tree in the east of the ruins at Mirror Pond Ruins beside the staircase.
  • Lizard Mask: Lizard mask can be found in the northwest of Remembrance Garden.
All Masks Location Palia

After finding and collecting each mask return to Jina for the meaning of the found one. After finding all you need head to Mirror Pond Ruins or the village Library at night to find out her again. She tells you to go inside the Ancient Library to find out the meaning of each of them.

Finding the Purpose of Masks Palia

Now you need to find out a book in the Ancient Library. Heads inside the Library, turn right down through the chamber, and in the room turn right again. There you will find the room with the bookshelves. On the right of the entrance of this room, you will find a blue book on the shelf. Read out this book to find the meaning and purpose of the Masks. You will get to know that the purpose of the masks was not the religious rituals but these were used for opera by ancient humans.

Masks Quest Rewards

On returning to Jina this quest will be completed and you will get Ancient Pottery as a reward.