Enshrouded – How to Get Animal Fur

Enshrouded is a survival video game in which the world is destroyed by the Shrouds. The players have to make this world a Worthy living place with the help of remaining items and resources. One resource that players have to get at the beginning of the game is Animal Fur. Animal Fur is obtained for crafting materials like Glider. Animal Fur is the Organic material that players have to get by using Tools or weapons. Equip the tool to Get Animal Fur.

Enshrouded Animal Fur

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Animal Fur in Enshrouded.

How to Obtain Enshrouded

Animal Fur being an organic material can be collected from dead animals. Most animals drop the Animal Fur after being killed with Weapons. Animals will be scattered all around the regions of enshrouded. The animals that will drop the Animal Fur after being hunted are the following.

  • Sheep
  • Rabbit
  • Wolves

To obtain the Animal Fur, players have to loot it from these animals. The players must have the axe or Pickaxe in the quick inventory to equip them and kill these creatures. Sheep and Rabbit are killed easily without any hustle. Sheep and Rabbit do not attack back after being hit by the players. However, obtaining Animal Fur from Wolves is difficult. Being aggressive they will attack and provide damage to players. Players must have upgraded tools or weapons while killing the Wolves otherwise wolves will easily take the players down.

Equipping the high-level tools or weapons will help the players kill the NPCs in the ancient vault and other enemies in the encampment. All of the animals will not drop the Animal Fur. Sometimes wolves do drop the Animal Fur along with the meat and bones. Sheep and Rabbit have a high spawn rate of dropping the Animal Fur after being killed.

Animal Fur Enshrouded

If the players found any Sheep around any region in the World of Enshrouded there are high chance that many other sheep will be near in the form of a herd. While exploring the regions, look for these animals to obtain Animal Fur. The players will get 2x Animal Fur after killing Sheep, Rabbit and sometimes Wolves.

Animal Fur will be further used in crafting new recipes and valuable Materials. To craft the Gilder, the players must have 2x Animal Fur in their inventory or Tiny Chest. Simply equip the weapon or tools and start killing any animals found in the region of Enshrouded.