Enshrouded – How to Craft Glider

Investigating the ruined world of Enshrouded is necessary for the progression of the game and the players need to move quickly from one place to another without any hurdles. Moving from one region to the other distant area requires the players to Get Glider in Enshrouded. The glider will only be used from some decent amount of height. To explore the areas of the world filled with demons, crafting the glider will make the journey in the game smooth.

Enshrouded Glider

Here’s the guide on How to Get Glider in enshrouded.

How to Get Glider

The players have to craft the glider at the initial stages of the game. The glider will let you fly from the height or peak of any mountain to explore other areas of the world quickly. The base-level glider is only crafted on the workbench. Crafting the workbench will automatically unlock the recipe for Gilder. To obtain the Glider, first, you have to craft the workbench and place it in the area of Flame Altar.

Once the workbench is crafted, you need to find the required materials to craft the Glider at the workbench. The materials that are required to be collected are the following.

Recipe for Glider

Shroud Wood can be collected from the shroud area. You need to cut the trees with the help of an axe to obtain the Shroud Wood. Animal Fur can be obtained by looting it from the dead animals. Simply equip the axe or pickaxe for killing the Sheep, rabbit, or wolves to get the Animal Fur. The string will be crafted from the crafting menu. You need to collect the plant fiber by harvesting the plants and bushes in the Longkeep area to craft the string. 2x Plant fiber is required to craft 1x String. Shroud Spores can be obtained by killing the demons in the world map of the shroud area. Killing the demons will drop 2x Shroud spores and upon collecting it will be added to the inventory.

Glider Enshrouded

Once the players collect the required materials for crafting the glider, interact with the workbench and move into the Survival section in the workbench portion to select the glider. Press the spacebar to craft the Glider. To equip the glider, move into the Character menu. Press the spacebar to use the glider while standing at some height. The other perk of getting the glider is that you will not deal any damage if falling from a height while landing.