Enshrouded – How to Get Ragged Armor

The Enshrouded world is filled with demons, enemies, and NPCs. The players have to make this world a Worthy living place with the help of remaining items and resources. Surviving in Enshrouded is challenging and Ragged Armor should be crafted at the beginning of the game. Dying in Enshrouded will result in losing the items and materials, therefore, players must get Ragged Armor to survive longer in the game. Ragged armor is the first armor that players will craft from the crafting menu after gathering the required materials.

Enshrouded Ragged Armor

Here’s the Guide on How to Make Ragged Armor in Enshrouded.

How to Get Ragged Armor

The players have to craft the ragged armor at the initial stage of the game. Ragged armor is divided into three pieces that will be crafted by opening the crafting menu. Complete Ragged armor consists of the following pieces.

  • Ragged Pent
  • Ragged Shirt
  • Ragged Boots

All of the three pieces will be crafted and together they become ragged armor. The players have to find the following required materials from the world of enshrouded.

Ragged ArmorRecipe
Ragged Shirt4x Torn Cloth, 3x String
Ragged Boots3x Torn Cloth, 2x String
Ragged Pants2x Torn Cloth, 2x String

Recipe for Ragged Armor

Torn Cloth can be obtained by killing the demons in the Shroud areas in Enshrouded. The Shroud area is dangerous as it contains fog that can kill the players after staying longer in the Shroud. The players will have only five minutes to obtain the maximum Torn Cloth and then leave the Shroud area. Obtain maximum Torn cloth within the time limit. The players can also get Torn Cloth by destroying the boxes that will be covered with a dusty cloth. abandoned settlement is the area in the world of Enshrouded where players can find boxes that contain Torn Cloth. Loot the areas after breaking the boxes.

String can be obtained by crafting it from the crafting menu with the help of Plant fiber. Plant fiber can be obtained by harvesting the trees and bushes in the Longkeep area. After collecting the fiber, craft the String.

Ragged Armor Enshrouded

Once the players obtain the required materials to make Ragged Armor, press “V” to open the crafting menu and move into the Armor portion to select the Rags armor. Press the Spacebar to craft the pieces of ragged armor one by one. The players must have 9x Torn Cloth and 7x String in the inventory to craft every piece of Ragged Armor.

Get Ragged Armor Enshrouded

After crafting the ragged armor, press “N” to open the character menu and place it in its slot to equip the ragged armor. A ragged shirt being an upper body armor will provide the players with 17 Physical resistance and 17 Magical Resistance. Ragged Pants is Lower body armor and it gives 11 Physical resistance and 11 Magical Resistance to the character.