Enshrouded – How to Get Torn Cloth

Enshrouded is an action RPG game in which the world is destroyed by the Shrouds. The players have to make this world a Worthy living place with the help of remaining items and resources. One of the materials that players have to get at the beginning of the game is a Torn cloth that will be further used in crafting the Ragged Armor. Ragged Armor will protect the players from losing the HP. Torn cloth is used in crafting many essential materials in the game.

Torn Cloth Enshrouded

Here’s the guide on How to Get Torn Cloth.

How to Get Torn Cloth

Torn cloth is the material that will be obtained at the initial stages of the game to craft more useful materials. The players can get Torn Cloth by destroying the boxes that will be covered with a dusty cloth. abandoned settlement is the area in the world of Enshrouded where players can find the boxes that contain Torn Cloth. Use any weapon like an axe or pickaxe to destroy the box to obtain Torn cloth. When breaking the boxes, players will also good other materials along with the Torn cloth.

The other method through which players will get Torn cloth is by killing the demons in the Shroud area. The Shroud area is dangerous as it contains fog that can kill the players after staying longer in the Shroud. The players will have only five minutes to obtain the maximum Torn Cloth and then leave the Shroud area. The players can also increase the time by consuming the hourglass capsule. The Hourglass capsule cannot be added to the inventory and upon consuming the time will be restored and players will achieve 5 minutes again.

How to Get Torn Cloth Enshrouded

Equip the high-level weapon to kill the demons as many of them will have the shield. The players have to use a weapon like a sword to break their shield and kill them to get the Torn cloth. The players have to kill the enemies with the right strategy as they will provide big damage on every hit or strike. The enemies will drop the Torn cloth and collecting one piece of Torn cloth will provide the players will 2x Torn Cloth.

The players can also get Torn Cloth from the encampment. Kill the scavenger enemies and loot their camps. Collect the Torn cloth to craft the first armor from the crafting menu.